Lyubov Tolkalina clarified speculation about a secret marriage

Любовь Толкалина прояснила домыслы о тайном замужестве The actress answered several questions from fans who decided that it had legalized their relationship with a new lover. Lyubov Tolkalina with humor reacted to the discussions in social networks. The star noted that her “mesmerizing folk art”.
Любовь Толкалина прояснила домыслы о тайном замужестве

Last week, the actress Lyubov Tolkalina has intrigued fans decoration on the ring finger. In this regard, fans of the actress decided that her heart is not free. The star was greeted with a change in family status.

The news of the alleged wedding of Tolkalina caused heated discussions. Social media users wondered who was the chosen of the actress. Information about this came to the artist. Lyubov Tolkalina hastened to clarify the situation. A woman with humor reacted to the rumors that are exaggerated in the Network.

Lyubov Tolkalina was intrigued by the wedding ring

“Folklore fascinates and captivates. Especially my mom… Experts gossip really agreed on the fact that I secretly got married! Misleading: “Yes!” I got married about six months here in this wonderful and well-known guy. And we are waiting for many adventures. I have a two-storey mansion in the heart of the capital, a daughter in London, a two-story dressing room, and a lot of what I can’t tell under contract with the CTC,” shared the actress.

Lyubov Tolkalina also reveal other details of the new project in which she participates. “Every morning the lady props Yana wears me the ring on your finger with the words: “by the Power vested in me movie, CTC, General, linear, Executive producer, dub thee Xenia until tonight,” said the celebrity.

The actress added that at the moment, she took a break in the filming. Lyubov Tolkalina is going to spend three days on tour along with Vladimir Marjanovi. Artists are going to present the play “the Unreal show” on the play by Bernard Werber “Our People” in several cities of Russia – in the Pskov, Novgorod and Pushkin.

We will remind that in the beginning of this year, Lyubov Tolkalina has announced the departure of Yegor Konchalovsky. Later it turned out that the film makers were sold seven years ago, but chose to hide this information from the public. Currently the Director is happily in a relationship with a lawyer, Maria Leonova, who brought him in early April, the adorable son of Timur.

As for a famous actress, not so long ago she was credited with an affair with Boris Grebenshchikov. After some time Tolkalina has denied that he’s a popular musician. The actress said that their relationship nothing more than friendship.