Lyubov Tolkalina came to the defense of Yegor Konchalovsky

Любовь Толкалина встала на защиту Егора Кончаловского The actress is said to hate ex-husband. Tolkalina touching congratulated ex-wife happy birthday on Twitter and advised all evil network users not to leave rude comments under this post.

Today, January 15, celebrates his birthday Egor Konchalovsky. Early in the morning the Director accepts congratulations from family, friends and colleagues. One of the first wishes he wrote his ex-wife, Lyubov Tolkalina. The actress posted a picture together with Yegor accompanied by long original post.

“Nothing and nobody will keep today’s brew with a shovel, because today is born our consistently dear Egor! Everyone who is of the warm wishes, words of joy and verbal evidence to the true location, want to write something else, go do that in another place or go to the banks, without regret, and the right to recovery… So bear with me. Sorry. Or rather scroll further, looking back on our holiday! All others are invited to rejoice with us and tune in to a happy day! All hail the birthday boy!” noted Tolkalina.

Most social network users have joined the artist and praised her for her wisdom. “This relationship only to learn. But comes not to everyone,” “Lyuba! You are incredible! How many in your wisdom and patience!”, “How nice, Love to read such sincere and warm words to your loved one! Life is a boomerang, and character is destiny (agree with the great Coco Chanel), so you will definitely have and will always happy, young, beautiful, bathed in love, affection and joy!” – admired by followers.

Lyubov Tolkalina has repeatedly said that they Egor parted friends. They communicate regularly, and a daughter, Masha spends a lot of time with father and mother. As claimed by the actress in one of the shows, all the time living together Egor and asked her to marry me. “I never proposed to be a wife, due to various circumstances… a Woman should very well realize and understand that she’s the wife. Because no matter how said that the stamp in the passport means nothing, the woman cannot decide on the place if she was not given a name… When you were given a name, then you know who you are, you have a certain vector. If a woman is not given such a vector, it will start to grow in different directions. As you can. Like grass. Therefore, it is difficult to say,” said Tolkalina.