Lyubov Tolkalina called disadvantages of civil marriage with Yegor Konchalovsky

Любовь Толкалина назвала недостатки гражданского брака с Егором Кончаловским According to the actress, she did not feel protected next to him. Tolkalina recalls that relations with Konchalovsky, when they still lived together, had its difficulties. After parting ways they communicate much better as friends.
Любовь Толкалина назвала недостатки гражданского брака с Егором Кончаловским

Soon Lyubov Tolkalina will celebrate the anniversary. February 16, the actress will be 40 years old. According to star theatre and cinema, she did not feel at this age. However, Love admits that now she has much more sleep and rest to regain my strength.

Parting with Yegor Konchalovsky, with whom the actress lived for many years in a civil marriage, discussed the whole country. They have a daughter Mary. The girl maintains good relations with his father, and mother, and have nursed the little Tamerlane, who was born Yegor Konchalovsky, about a year ago. She Tolkalina does not regret that her family life had been that way. The star admits that from the very beginning they with the husband had many differences. Now Love and her ex-husband communicate as friends, which was not achieved previously.

“I think that family relationships should be based on friendship, not passion, painful attachment, discipleship, dependence from each other. If the family is between a man and a woman there is no friendship, love becomes bloodthirsty. We have a friendship with Yegor did not work from the beginning. Big difference in age, upbringing and education. We are from different social strata. Egor was my teacher, mentor and senior comrade – in short, those who decided to watch and listen open-mouthed. Then, we were not married, and I know that civil marriage gives a woman a sense of security and peace. From here it appears active female position – to work hard, take everything in your hands and not to look to the opinion of men. And it affects children,” admitted Love.

However, there are times in the past, which Tolkalina still regrets. In particular, the artist reproaches himself for what spent enough time with his daughter and showed the girl how the world of theatre and cinema.

“Children, I think that our lessons. They grow, and clarifies omissions: overlooked, nedolyubili, short-change heat… When give birth to a child in 20 years, enjoy motherhood – a dubious thing when you have a main role in the theater. Now understand: the mistake was that I Masha did not take with him to the shooting, leaving the sitter to read books. I had to carry it everywhere without fear of any difficulties. It was necessary not to leave, and show all the most beautiful thing in you. Now she’s a teenager, they say that in this age it is still possible for something to compensate,” – said the star.

According to love, Masha has a lot of talent, but she does not want them to disclose everything. Yet 16-year-old girl thinking about entering Repinskoy art Academy in St. Petersburg, but Tolkalina it is hard to imagine that the daughter will move to another city.

As said the actress in an interview with a journalist of “Antenna-Telesem”, she absolutely looks at life differently and always prefers to show all their abilities. The actress talks a lot about creativity, but tries to avoid personal relationships.

“My heart unfree, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to talk about his personal life. Happiness must be kept secret. For me love is the only driving force. I know this for sure. There is nothing and never will,” said Tolkalina.