Любовь Толкалина «ломает» себя ради воспитания дочери The actress always tries to keep a positive attitude. Lyubov Tolkalina understands that is an example for his daughters, so smiling and joking even at home.
Любовь Толкалина «ломает» себя ради воспитания дочери

Lyubov Tolkalina is not only a successful actress but also a beautiful woman, which is a positive attitude. Despite all the hardships and difficulties, the artist always retains luchezarnyy smile. Now idea television series “Girls, don’t give up” where the artist plays one of the roles. While working on a painting, she moved closer to the other Actresses.

“I have such friends, whom you can call at any time. After filming we had a chat called Mymra. And we periodically merge back news, one that hurts. For this acquisition I am grateful to the project”, – admitted the star.

The heroine of Tolkalina at every opportunity demonstrates the figure. Love itself is trying to be in shape, so despite the active production schedule, she finds time for training.

“I try every day to devote to yoga at least twenty minutes. Better to be late on the set, but thank you. Otherwise, simply can not appear on the site, which takes a lot of effort and energy. The only thing I neglect is a good sleep. I’m not wasting time on it. Every time I lie down, I want to come morning” – shared Tolkalina.

Besides working in movies, Love devotes much time to raising her daughter. Maria was born in the relationship of the actress with Yegor Konchalovsky. Now 16-year-old girl is fond of painting. Tolkalina trying to give the successor a good example.

“I have to be in shape and in a good mood, because I have responsabilities. I have no right to be in a different state and the house too, because I am the mother of 16-year-old. Jokes, set yourself in a positive way, to be sociable, smile. Mother of teenagers I understand,” said Love.

According to Tolkalina, it is charged with the energy from nature. The actress recalls how he spent his childhood in the village and dreams of this life. “My childhood was spent in Ryazan region, so that no matter what I stuck in the ground, it will grow. Fortunately, I managed to build the house of the parents near the family estate Tolkalina. I love to go there — every spring planted roses. We have there are fantastic beds that sometimes neighbors come specifically to see them. You look out the window and over the fence two or three people admire and compliment my color. Invite them home for tea…” said Love in an interview with “TV Program”.