Любовь Толкалина купила машину за миллион рублей Long-time celebrity dreamed of to please his father and mother a new car. Recently, Lyubov Tolkalina was able to fulfill a desire and made the family an expensive gift.
Любовь Толкалина купила машину за миллион рублей

Probably many, as adults, dream of thanking parents for their love, guidance, and support. Actress Love Tolkalina was no exception. Recently she for the first time in my life bought a car that cost her a million rubles. However, Tolkalina took him not himself, but loved mom and dad. About buying useful Love shared with fans in Instagram.

As it turned out, the actress knows absolutely nothing about cars, so she focused on the appearance of the models, as well as listened to the recommendations of the employees of the automobile salon. Tolkalina glad I was able to fulfill the cherished dream of his father, who had long dreamed of the SUV.

“Do I have to tell you how worried I was, doing it important, even historic case! As a girl, I could not really articulate what I need from the car… the Main thing that was beautiful. Long thought about the color, didn’t understand anything about models, essentially could not intelligently ask a single question. He only knew that dad had long dreamed of the SUV “UAZ Patriot”… For the Russian heartland — that thing!” — shared the actress.
Любовь Толкалина купила машину за миллион рублей

Parents of the actress gift to his daughter was a great help. Just over a month ago as a result of the accident damaged car. The cause of the accident is bad roads in the Ryazan region. Fortunately, friends love remained intact. About this Tolkalina did not fail to mention in the social network.

Naked Love Tolkalina caught in the field with a friend

“These are my most expensive and favorite, the only mom-dad scared me of the third day, not something that was rolling around the car smartly into a ditch at night the Ryazan road, than left me speechless for quite a long time. I survived and came here. I must say that the roads in the Ryazan region with the greatest indignity. Not like in Pskov, for example, but traumatic, and now it’s proven itself… In Moscow “stadiums, hotels, cops, polyglots,” the singing Slepakov, but the question to the Governor of the Ryazan region is brewing serious. Take care of mommy-daddy!” after the incident, the actress had come to.