Любовь Тихомирова отмечает годовщину венчания
Three years ago, the actress was married to conductor Laszlo Dolinski.

Любовь Тихомирова отмечает годовщину венчания

Lyubov Tikhomirova and Laszlo Dolinski daughter Lubava

Photo: Philip Goncharov

For Lyubov Tikhomirova is the wedding in the Church was
the starting point of their family life with Laszlo Dolinski. Despite the fact that
the couple got married in a registry office in June 2013, truly husband and wife they
only began after the wedding a month later.

Lyubov Tikhomirova and Laszlo Dolinski

Photo: Elena Sukhova

“We lived one house from
after the blessing of the priest. Together but not as husband and wife…. It all came together
of course, like it always has been. Our real wedding night
happened only after the wedding”, — told Lyubov Tikhomirova.

Today the actress congratulates her beloved with a three-year
the anniversary of the beginning of their married life. “Three years ago in the Temple of Sofia
The Wisdom Of The Sacrament Of Marriage. The people, this date marked leather wedding when
the couple, overcome paper difficulties, burnished leather. Does not happen
impeccable families and relationships, do not happen as in a fairy tale, but it happens with Love or
no. If you love, then everything is not meaningless. And difficulties and tears, and hope, and
dreams in the end! Love
each other, be happy for, only this is happiness!” —
says the actress.

In September 2014 they with Laszlo’s daughter sugar. In
this little angel last year fell all the guests of “Kinotavr”
Sochi. Lubava was the youngest participant in the history of this festival.

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