Lyubov Kazarnovskaya is ashamed of his actions

Любовь Казарновская стыдится своих поступков The famous singer was the guest of popular TV show. In the broadcast transmission Kazarnovskaya told about his own shortcomings, and also gave tips myself eighteen. Love Yu frankly admitted that offended people and was too hot.

      Любовь Казарновская стыдится своих поступков

      This year, Opera singer Lyubov Kazarnovskaya will celebrate its anniversary. The famous artist was sixty years old. Recently Kazarnovskaya became the guest of the program “Alone with all”, in which he interviewed leading Yulia Menshovoj. The star told about how to cope with the shortcomings. According to the women, she is well aware of all its flaws and trying to deal with them. This understanding came to Kazarnovskaya with age.

      Father sounded before he died he asked her forgiveness

      Spouse celebrity Robert Roszyk supports her in everything. In recognition of the artist, he has a huge stock of patience. Initially sounded and it did not occur that the need to care for your loved one. He did household chores. However, after some time Lubov realized his mistake. Since then, she tries to take care of the second half.

      “I learned a lot from Robert. in life, In my youth, and due to the fact of the case, which I did, I still was selfish. I was a girl who believed that my business, the business of the artist is the priority and the main. So no Breakfast for her husband, no washings shirts… He quietly bought something, cut to the kitchen, washed his shirts. Never heard a single bad word. And suddenly I felt ashamed. Think: “Oh, you queer cunt. What are you doing? There is a man with a profession, beautiful, interesting, who loves you. And you use it. EW, that’s nasty,” shared the star.

      According to Kazarnovskaya, the moment she asked the wife not to work housewife. He met with a smile the suggestion of his wife. In recognition of the artist, Robert in General is a great indulgence for all her imperfections. Kazarnovskaya believes beloved is a very wise man. Rostik, never argued with his wife about her shortcomings. Instead, recognized celebrity, he sometimes allows himself to make fun of its weaknesses.

      Opera singer also was asked to make a wish for myself eighteen. Star frankly said that she’s ashamed of some of their actions. She would like to see it come together a little differently.

      “My dear, be careful in his statements. Even against people who you are very unpleasant. Frankly don’t be so hot which you were. And hurt people in many ways. Don’t be hasty in decisions. Don’t be overly emotionally excitable, but somehow commensurate his actions with the circumstances that life offers. But the 18-year-old it’s useless to talk because they have to go through fire, water and copper pipes. And only on their failures and failures to understand that life is much harder than it looks” – with these words Kazarnovskaya appealed to my younger self.