Lyon Izmailov saved the relationship with his wife after the wedding

Лион Измайлов спас отношения с супругой после венчания Satirist came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man with the YouTube Korchevnikov”. Lyon Izmailov told that forced him to get married twice to the same woman, and also remembered one of the last performances of Michael Zadornov.
Лион Измайлов спас отношения с супругой после венчания

Boris korchevnikov invited to transfer “the Destiny of man” the famous satirist and author Leon Izmailov. The comedian admitted to the presenter that he was married three times. Twice on the same woman.

“We spent some time together, there were some difficult circumstances. We dispersed. Then I realized that can not live without Elena,” said Izmailov.

Lion Moiseevich admitted that in his youth tried a test marriage. He did not speak frankly about the first lover and a cost of generalities. The comedian even refused to give her name.

“And before that I was pre-marriage training. I then worked as an engineer. Married one of the journalist. She is now very famous. It’s all in the past, no one except my wife,” said the satirist of the audience.
Лион Измайлов спас отношения с супругой после венчания

Family happiness Izmailov found only with the second wife Elena, whom he divorced for six months, but then got back together.”We haven’t seen from may to December. When I broke up with her, full of life and fun. Then I was grostal and grostal. Then my depression started. Because it was not next to me. At me something did not go well. She came and put me a postcard in the mailbox with the caption: “do Not deny loving” – remember Izmailov. After that, the comedian and his fiancee got married, and now lives with her more than 40 years.

It should be noted that the recording of the program was November 1, then a close friend of Lyon Moiseevich, Mikhail Nikolayevich Zadornov was alive. Ismailova, the leader asked how he learned about the terrible illness of a friend. The comedian reluctantly answered this question. He remembered a case, when each became ill at a concert.

“He made a great speech, then he began to fall pages of text, is it brought out of balance. He had to leave the scene. I was sitting next to the monitor backstage and saw it. Like how fast it happened, with the head connected, potential stroke cases. He came to, the ambulance arrived. He was taken, where necessary. I don’t want to discuss it. The image of one stage in the life of people is quite another,” said Izmailov.

Lion Moiseevich with tears in their eyes recalled the last meeting with Mikhail. The comedian said that Zadornov did not like to talk about the disease. In recent years, the satirist has donated funds for the renovation of temples and erected monuments. Mikhail Zadornov will be buried next to father