Лидия Федосеева-Шукшина вспомнила, как муж пытался ее убить Famous Director could not cope with bouts of jealousy. Once Vasily Shukshin strongly beat his beloved, and then admitted that he was going to kill her. But he never implemented the plan.
Лидия Федосеева-Шукшина вспомнила, как муж пытался ее убить

Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin has become the main character of the next edition of “to visit In the morning”. Conversation with daughter Mary turned out to be incredibly honest. So, the actress remembered how I met my husband, the Genesis of their feelings. It turned out that spouses are not always evolved smoothly. One famous writer even wanted to kill her.

“Back in the day was in business trip. I called friends and invited to relax in the restaurant. We are happy you came, because it was my friends, I love them very much. I arrived home around ten, and Basil was at home. His eyes were just wild, crazy. He dragged me into his office and began to beat. Then I was glad that was in a fur coat and hat, as it inflicted very heavy blows. Then he pulled me into my room, I cried all night. And in the morning decided to apologise, to explain the situation to him. Walked out of the room, and he sits with a full ashtray of cigarette butts and crying” – with tears in the eyes told Fedoseeva-Shukshina.

According to the actress, so violently, they still never fight. The husband was very jealous of the chosen one, and so she never gave him cause. By the way, after that terrible night Fedoseyev-Shukshin waited terrible discovery. After seeing daughters in kindergarten, the Director decided to reveal the beloved of his true intentions.

“He again took me into the office and showed that he had under the pillow Jack. Admitted that wanted to kill me. Of course, I was in shock. Started to ask, but what about our children? And he replied that he thought of everything that would have returned from prison after eight years, just as girls would have grown. He detailed everything described that I was very scared. He thought of everything and really wanted to kill me,” said the actress.

Despite the quarrels and occur in a marriage of contradictions, Lydia Nikolaevna never thought about divorce. During the ten years spent beside her husband, with her whole heart she loved him.

The movie star also shared details of the conflict with the eldest daughter. “I pleaded for it for many years, but decisions are always imposed were not in my favor. I sent her the money, congratulations with different holidays. And then one day on some TV show she said that for ten years has not got me any news. Maybe she showed, but I still have all proof of return,” recalled Fedoseeva-Shukshina.

Now the actress lives with the memories of a beloved husband. She barely managed to tell about the day when I learned of the death of Vasily Shukshin. The movie star has several times been married after the death of the famous Director, but she continued to love and cherish the memory of it.