Lyanka Grau was on the verge of divorce

Лянка Грыу оказалась на грани развода
The actress spoke about the serious crisis in relations.

Лянка Грыу оказалась на грани развода

Lyanka Grau with his son

Photo: @Instagram lyanka22 Lyanka Grau

Some time ago
fans lost sight of Lanco Grau. The girl suddenly ceased to visit the capital
social events. Yes, and the shooting of a movie is temporarily stopped. The reason for the “disappearance”
the actress was a serious crisis in family life.

As recognized by Grau, to
recently, she and her husband, Michael Weinberg was fine
to live in the two cities. The husband of actress he worked mainly in St. Petersburg and Lyanka
a child living in Moscow. But at some point the relationship of the spouses began to rapidly
to deteriorate. The actress did not want to lose a loved one, but she was
it is obvious that it comes to divorce. And then she decided to give the relationship a second
chance. The actress with her husband threw all the upcoming projects and left with
five-year old son to save his marriage in new York.

A few months spent together in America, helped Lance and Michael to feel again
a single family. Isolation from the outside world could do to a relationship
spouse miracle they again become a close-knit team. In a pair appeared again
lost before understanding. According to Lanky for her and Michael’s trip
was a real second wind. Grau was also able to take a breath from the intense
work in Moscow. For several months she worked exclusively
husband, son and a cosiness in the house.

Lyanka Grau with her husband Michael Weinberg

Photo: @Instagram lyanka22 Lyanka Grau

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