Лянка Грыу всеми силами спасала брак Popular actress felt that very little time is spent in family. Lyanka Grau abandoned the work to devote himself to the family, and also asked the husband to go together to new York, to restore the former warm relations.

      Лянка Грыу всеми силами спасала брак

      Popular actress Lyanka Grau six years ago tied the knot with film Director Michael Weinberg. Now the couple are raising their five year old son Maxim. Despite the fact that Lyanka and Maxim are working in the same sector, nonetheless they not often had a chance to see each other. Moreover, some time ago the actress has participated in numerous projects, and therefore very rarely seen with his family. The actress knew that it separates her from her husband and son. Grau began to worry that will be quite alien to her husband and child.

      “Mike spent eight months in St. Petersburg, I was mainly in Moscow, and even actually isolated from the son. Somehow divorced our family, and this feeling was uncomfortable. Actually it’s weird: when you see a loved one two or three weeks, and then you meet, and I have to reset it to each other to get used to get used. Here he is sleeping next to you… it Turns out that you have become accustomed to live it, formed a routine. Yes, we talked on the phone, but it will not replace live communication,” – says Lyanka.

      This situation frightened the actress, and she began to look for ways out of the crisis. In order to save the relationship, Grau decided to suspend the career – refused grueling projects and multiple surveys. But she decided to go further and suggested that my husband all along to leave Moscow and live in new York. Michael reacted positively to the idea of his wife. As recognized Lyanka, change the traditional way of life has benefited their family.

      “We can say, this trip gave the second breath to our relationship. Going along through the adventure, we were able to come together, discover each other again and realized that we were a very good team,” says the actress.

      Now the actress is happy that, having escaped from the hustle and bustle, the familiar environment, a permanent job, she and her husband were able to spend more time together and constantly communicate. She believes that her family life is built on trusting relationships with her husband.

      “We are very sensitive understanding. My husband and I can talk about everything, any nonsense to discuss,” said Grau in an interview Womanhit.

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