Lyanka Grau said, for what she had to sacrifice career

Лянка Грыу рассказала, ради чего ей пришлось пожертвовать карьерой
The actress for two years refused to shoot to save his family.

Lyanka Grau and her husband Michael Weinberg

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Lyanka Grau admits that she and her family had to go through a very difficult period. “It all started three years ago.
My husband and I (directed by Michael Weinberg. — Approx. ed.) both plunged into
great job. Mike was filming the series “pregnancy Test” in Saint-Petersburg:
he went there in may and only came back in January. I just took
offer to participate in the project “Ice age”. Training began in
the end of June, and only on 29 December project for me ended. That is my husband
six months did not see!”

As a result, in the family of the actress began to accumulate exclusion. Lenka and Michael more and more distant from each other. It happened gradually, there are no conflicts between spouses was not, but at some point they realized that the family on the verge of collapse. “The less you see someone, the less you spend together
time, share some joys, feelings, the less you start
this man need, ” says the actress. — When our separation from her husband was finally over, we both
felt that this time something between us was broken, there was some
voltage. Because you get used to living alone, and here again myself

It got to the point that my husband asked Lance direct question: “do You want to leave?” “Of course not!”, — said the actress. Michael said, “If you want,
can take a break, a pause”. “But I knew that’s not worth it
to do that, ” says lance. Because what was happening was just the result of a long separation.
In short, we had not the best period. Thank God, Mike was very wise and
restrained, giving me time to sort yourself out. Many men in his place
began to be jealous, to twitch, to demand an explanation. And we managed the
the main thing in this situation is to avoid open conflict. However, we have just
at this time, there was another serious reason to worry — our son, Max…”

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