Лянка Грыу решилась на рискованный шаг
The actress has conquered his fear of heights.

Lyanka Grau

Photo: @Instagram lyanka22 of Lance Grau

Lyanka Grau admitted
many years suffered from vertigo. This fear was brought to the actress by
life a lot of trouble, so she decided radically to deal with it. “Fight fire with fire!” thought Lanka and went “treated” from the annoying fear
under the big top.

“We must look to its
fears in the eye! We must get out of comfort zone!! Challenge!” — wrote
She said in microblogging. Later she shared with his fans emotions from
the experience of stress. In order to finally say goodbye to the fear of heights,
the actress climbed up a tall tower and, holding onto the trapeze with his hands, had
to jump down. The courage she has turned out far not from the first.
However, the third attempt by Lanka still “flew”. “Three times I was up
this tower and three times she climbed down stiff legs, “in tears and
lipstick”… But no… I’m not that person that can just leave!” —
said Grau. However, as frankly admitted the actress, her crying is left for

First jump..???? The first flight!!! leave my tears behind the scenes?? three times I ascended this tower, and three times she climbed down stiff legged, “all with tears and lipstick”.. But no…I’m not the person that can get away with that)..?Thank you @ozhuravskaya for such an unforgettable experience..? that’s my Big little victory! #travel #trapeze #experiment #flying #lyankagryu #circus #circuscenter @circuscenter

A video posted by lyanka22 (@lyanka22) on Jul 18, 2016 at 10:22am PDT

Fans were happy for Lanka, who decided on such a serious step. Incidentally, the determination is one of the outstanding qualities of the actress. So, for example, to keep the family together, she refused for a while from best for career proposals. But managed to overcome the crisis in relations with the husband and save your marriage. Now, when all the quarrels of the spouses left behind, she can feel at ease to return to his work.

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