Роскошный отдых Лизы Песковой обсуждает турецкая пресса The girl appeared on the cover of the local newspaper. 18-year-old Elizabeth Peskov has attracted the attention of reporters with the bathing suit. The heiress of the press Secretary of the President of Russia together with family and friends spending time in the Turkish resort.

      18-year-old daughter press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov Elizabeth is resting in Turkey. The girl along with her lover and friends went to the popular resort town of Belek to celebrate the birthday of a cousin. There is a group of young people were staying in a five star hotel.

      Peskov regularly shares photos with your followers on a microblog. Spectacular shot in a swimsuit caused quite a stir not only among the subscribers girls in social networks. Photo 18-year-old heiress of the press Secretary in a swimsuit appeared on the cover of the Turkish newspaper “Akdeniz”. On the front page were other pictures of Elizabeth amid the sea, as well as in an embrace with a young man. 18-year-old Lisa Peskov struck fans in the bikini

      The Newspapers published his account of the famous radio journalist Alexei Venediktov.

      “Lisa Peskov on the front pages of Turkish Newspapers,” wrote co-owner of the radio station.

      She Peskov has not responded to the fact that attracted the interest of Turkish journalists and continues to exhibit photos in a bikini that cause excitement among fans. They praise the beautiful figure of the girl did not hide his admiration. “Gorgeous figure”, “Look good” “Here is a figure,” wrote the followers, and many left comments on the Turkish language.

      After the ban on entry for Russian citizens, many of our compatriots went to the Turkish resorts. About it Lisa said on arrival in Belek. “Hello, Turkey. We miss you! P. S. the Country is open for the Russians, here again, our lot, our love and expect,” wrote Peskov, also said a few words in Turkish.

      Heiress loud the names committed all to achieve itself. Elizabeth confessed that earns money on recreation and entertainment. Despite the fact that she lives in two cities – Moscow and Paris, she manages to find work in the marketing Department in the boutique Aizel. Peskov also asks parents money on branded clothes.

      “I never bought expensive things, explaining that I need to make money from it. Now, when I got older, it became a little easier — I can take your dress on the way out in the showroom or at my mom’s. I know that in Moscow many famous (at least on instagram) girls who put on the parents — they wear clothes of famous designers, look at it the same way and, hand on heart, boring. I can not”, – explained the position of the girl.

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