Баю-бай: 10 бьюти-средств, которые помогут заснуть

Thoughts of breaking the deadlines, endless to-do list, thinking about the fate of humanity — all this sometimes interferes with sleep. If you just can’t “disable” your brain before going to sleep and toss and turn for hours, counting sheep, we have dozens of cosmetic products that can help you dive into the arms of Morpheus.

Lavender relaxing body oil, Weleda (1 386 RUB.)

100 percent natural oil gently nourishes the skin, helps to relax and relieve stress. Inside is a cocktail of vegetable oils of almond and sesame, and of course, lavender. Especially for brands organic lavender is grown in biodynamic farming in Bessarabia, Moldova. Lavender essential oil has long been used in bath treatments, they fumigated the Roman baths and homes of aristocrats (they have certainly had no problems with sleep). Remedy from Weleda, you can not only RUB the skin, but added to the bath (one tablespoon is sufficient).

Баю-бай: 10 бьюти-средств, которые помогут заснуть

Cleansing gel with calendula Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash, Kiehl’s (2 430 RUB.)

Antibacterial and soothing properties of calendula are used in Chinese medicine since the XII century. And in 1960-ies the petals of calendula was first used to create alcohol-free tonic for the face, which became a bestseller Kiehl’s.

Soft foam Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash to thoroughly but gently cleanses the skin without disrupting the protective barrier and without drying. Calendula soothes not only your nerves, but sensitive skin. Fragrance in the composition, so the gel does not smell and is a big plus.

Баю-бай: 10 бьюти-средств, которые помогут заснуть

Jelly for the soul “Deep sleep”, Lush (920 RUB)

You should take a bath with this soothing cleansing jelly with orange juice, you would immediately feel sleepy. A tool that emits the aroma of lavender, chamomile and neroli, take away anxiety, and relaxes.

Баю-бай: 10 бьюти-средств, которые помогут заснуть

Fragrant candle Lavendar & Lovage, Jo Malone (3 990 rubles)

Candle Lavendar & Lovage from Jo Malone will fill your bedroom clean and relaxing scent of lavender, wrapped in anise notes of garden lovage, fragrant of rosemary and thyme. An ideal way to get the most coveted ticket to Dreamland.

Баю-бай: 10 бьюти-средств, которые помогут заснуть

Aromatic essence Aromatic Bedtime Treatment, Tata Harper (3 900 rubles)

Essence by Tata Harper — a miracle cure for those who can’t sleep. Apply it on the wrist, whiskey and neck, to instantly calm down.

Баю-бай: 10 бьюти-средств, которые помогут заснуть

Relaxing aromatic sachets, L’occitane Aromachologie (790 RUB.)

Put one of these fragrant pouches on the nightstand or under the pillow and dream. Notes of lavender, bergamot, sweet orange, Mandarin and geranium will help to enjoy the peace and serenity. By the way, lavender is one of the first flowers distilled by Olivier bossanom, the founder of L’occitane, so many brands have this delicate flavor.

Баю-бай: 10 бьюти-средств, которые помогут заснуть

Relaxing bath salt Rose Champagne Salt, Mixit (645 rubles)

What could be better after a busy day than relaxing, quickly relieves fatigue and stress bath? Take it with a Rose Champagne salt Salt (four to five tablespoons is enough), enriched with extracts of strawberry and aloe Vera gel — this will allow you to immerse yourself in a peaceful atmosphere, to feel berry aroma, reminiscent of warm summer sun, deep clean, nourish the skin with valuable nutrients and moisture, make it supple and tender. And most importantly — not in a hurry, take a bath for 15-20 minutes.

Баю-бай: 10 бьюти-средств, которые помогут заснуть

Gel-cream “Cocoon for deep sleep” Sound Sleep Cocoon, Dermalogica (6 900 rubles)

This gel-cream works while you relax. Seed extract tamarind (it is a legume, native to East Africa) softens and moisturizes the skin, essential oils of lavender, sandalwood and patchouli and extracts of silk tree erase signs of fatigue and fill it with energy.

Apply onto face and neck before bedtime and allow to melt on the skin during the night.

Баю-бай: 10 бьюти-средств, которые помогут заснуть

Spray for pillow & Now to Sleep Pillow Spray, REN (1 548 RUB.)

Sleep spray for pillows — not necessary in an economy thing, but those who never sleep will come in handy. Before going to bed to spray on the pillow, a mixture of essential oils of lavender, chamomile pharmacy, incense, and, as we promised, you will be immersed in “a relaxing and rejuvenating deep sleep”.

Баю-бай: 10 бьюти-средств, которые помогут заснуть

Relaxing means Peace of Mind, Origins (1 190 rubles)

The tool is a stick-lotion with a convenient roller applicator. Three times to press the pump and apply on your fingers, breathe in deeply to experience the relaxing aroma. Massage your temples, earlobes and back of neck. The main active ingredient — a hybrid of longifolia and mint green, it is also peppermint, which was first produced in the distant 1750 in London. It is a plant with soothing properties widely used in folk medicine and aromatherapy.

Баю-бай: 10 бьюти-средств, которые помогут заснуть

By the way, scientists have proved that lack of sleep affects our skin.

Sleep is the first and almost the most important step towards perfect skin. During sleep our body three things occur. Restore, refresh and detox.

says Donna Regia, Director of strategy development, British brand This Works.

To understand that you’re chronically not getting enough sleep, easily. Hi, puffiness, dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles.

And which funds help you to relax the nervous system and to sleep deeply?

Баю-бай: 10 бьюти-средств, которые помогут заснуть

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