Ludmila Ivanova told why Dahl divorced Tatyana Lavrova

Людмила Иванова рассказала, почему Даль развелся с Татьяной Лавровой
The actress on why Dahl was not lucky in his personal life.

Людмила Иванова рассказала, почему Даль развелся с Татьяной Лавровой

Oleg Dal

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Familiarity Ivanova and Dahl began… with slaps. The actress was indignant that he went on stage drunk. But in the end they reconciled and even became best friends. And Oleg said, “That’s my godmother —
Nice. Dubbed me, what can I say! For life will remember”.

“The continuing search for
sense combined with the Dahl search of love, — says Lyudmila Ivanova. — The story of how he fell in love with
Nina Doroshina, and their ill-fated wedding, they know everything, it makes no sense
recount. Nina returned to Ephraim, who ended an affair with another
our actress — Tanya Laurel. Here at Tanya with a grievance history with the wedding
Dal and put eyes: “And in spite of Dorosini I’ll take and marry the beautiful
actress in the theatre!”

First, they began a friendship, and then
began an affair. “Was wondering will these two get along,” continues the actress. Because if Oleg was
the most difficult character in the theatre of the men, Tanya — the
wayward women. She could no
this saying unpleasant things. However, Tanya was a charming and
we could, for example, like the family of Dale. No wedding this time is not arranged,
after the incident with Nina and Oleg’s wedding was “allergic”.

Oleg Dal and Tatyana Lavrova

Lovers just
married in the registry office, and Tanya took the name Dahl became Lavrov-Dal.
Everything looked quite safely, because Tannin stepfather helped them to
separate apartment in Sokolniki. For a young family at that time, the apartment itself
itself was reason never to leave! “But for Oleg it was nothing,” says Ivanova. Fighting began very quickly. Dal hadn’t felt the need myself
to hold back, but his antics Tanya could barely bear. She was on a lot
capable of. Besides, he loved to flirt. And Dal —
almost in tears! Tanya his jealousy of understanding did not cause. She complained: “He
so sensitive, so finely and acutely all feels like a man without skin. It
a woman can feel, but not a man. It is simply impossible!” They went
nice. Dal walked out of the apartment Thani with what’s here.”

The full interview with Lyudmila Ivanova read in the latest issue of the magazine “7 days”.

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