Людмила Артемьева: скитание по стране и яркий образ в «Сватах» Today is the birthday notes star of Russian cinema. Performer one of the main roles in the Comedy television series “Matchmakers” turns 55. Fame Lyudmila Viktorovna has brought vivid game in the project “taxi driver” and “Who’s the boss?”.
Людмила Артемьева: скитание по стране и яркий образ в «Сватах»

Lyudmila artemeva was born in East Germany, in Dessau, but her family has lived there for a while. The father of the future artist was a soldier, so her childhood and adolescence were associated with several large-scale moving: when she was five years old, the family went to Uzhgorod. To graduate People had in Lviv, then the family went to Leningrad, and after that it was finally time to conquer Moscow.

However, frequent change of cities does not affect the interests of girls: from an early age she manifested an incredible thirst for art has been seen acting talent. Moreover, People cleverly parodied many famous people, and often copied the behavior of family members that could not be ignored by parents. The family Council it was decided to give the child in a circle of theatrical art, and there began a path Artemieva to celebrity status.

After graduation, Lyudmila entered the higher theatre school named Shchukin, having captivating admissions office and insisting in his talent. The girl studied hard skills and after graduation got in the legendary Lenkom. Since then, the actress began to gain popularity: theatre, movies, filming in advertising… The proposals came one after another. Were among them and the role of intelligent grandmother in the Ukrainian television series “Matchmakers” who from the first episode was loved by the audience thanks to the good humor.

Many people think that being in the image of Olga Nikolaevna, the stylish, principled and sharp-tongued women, Artemiev plays herself. But the character of the singer and her TV character is absolutely not similar. Most of Ludmila a great sense of humor, she easily finds a common language with people and is optimistic about many things. The only thing that brings these two women – the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. Olga on the screen plays sports and tries to eat right (however secretly smokes); Lyudmila after filming pours cold water, it long ago became a vegetarian and refused to bad habits.

“I do not tend to the behavior of Olga. What you see in the frame – accurate casting, the beautiful style of the writer, successfully exposed the camera operator” – confessed the actress in an interview.
Людмила Артемьева: скитание по стране и яркий образ в «Сватах»

But if the character does not go beyond the TV screen, then the relationship Lyudmila with colleagues partially convey the atmosphere, shown in the series. According to the script she is constantly in conflict with his SWAT, in reality, also have a place to be rather strained relations between Lyudmila artemeva and Tatiana Kravchenko, who plays Valentina Budko. Not quite from the beginning, but on a movie set actress acting professionally and not allow myself anything extra.

“To be honest, to be friends we was friends, but and the hair on each other to carry was not necessary. Just tried a smaller deal – we are too different with her. She was complicated, I’m also probably not quite simple. Annoyed by his loudness, assertiveness. Oh, and she me… Yeah it was all over. We worked as expected. Maybe, by the way, it was good for filming. We constantly pick at the plot, so it all went in,” assessed the situation Tatiana Kravchenko…

Lyudmila Artemieva has a grown daughter, Catherine, she did not follow in her mother’s footsteps. Katya is a professional translator. Her father is ex-husband of Lyudmila Sergei Parfenov, with whom the star had divorced after 15 years of marriage – because of his problems with alcohol. Today personal relationships sweethearts of the audience is shrouded in mystery: Ludmila doesn’t like to give comments on this account.

Currently Ludmila plays like a movie and at the theater: we can enjoy the roles of the beloved actress in Modern theatre repertory, in a production of “Syndrome of happiness, or False contract” in the performance of the Central house of culture of railwaymen “Close friends”.

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