Lucy Liu told why she resorted to surrogacy

Люси Лью рассказала, почему она прибегла к суррогатному материнству
The actress said the offenders

Люси Лью рассказала, почему она прибегла к суррогатному материнству

Lucy Liu

Recently Lucy Liu explained in an interview,
why she did not she bear his son Lloyd Rockwell, which appeared
to light in August last year. The actress found it necessary to talk about their
the motives, because, much to her surprise, she faced misunderstanding and
even with the condemnation of his act. “For me, surrogacy was the best
and even, perhaps, the only solution. Because I work a lot and don’t know
when I can afford to stay!” — confessed the actress.

Lucy can understand, it really removed a lot. She’s busy in the popular TV series “Elementary” is a modern stylization
adventures of Sherlock Holmes, where she plays Joan Watson, the assistant of the great
detective. And at the same time, before the baby, she still found time for other
projects, including the voice of one of the characters “kung fu Panda 3”. Besides
well, Lucy has long been not a young girl, in December last year, she celebrated her 47th

“I understand that it’s a little late decided to become
mom. However, now I’m completely happy. I even imagine could not,
how to change my life. Previously, all my thoughts were concentrated on the work. Now
I care about the little creature and feel responsible for his life!” —
the actress confessed. “Before, I somehow never noticed how fast children grow up. More
recently, it was just a little lump of flesh, and now he was smiling at you, and
and then begins to talk…” he told Lucy.

“My son is a great kid, and very active
cheerful. He is terribly funny and is crawling well!” — do not hide their
pride told Lucy. By the way, Lew had taken to share with fans their
happy, posting photos of her son to Instagram. As recognized actress,
it never ceases to amaze how quickly it develops Rockwell. And now the actress,
who loves cartoons, can’t wait for son
older, to show him kung fu Panda — its work, which it
is very proud of.

Rockwell Lloyd, son of Lucy Liu

Photo: @lucyliu Lucy Liu Instagram

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