Luc Besson has made the most expensive film in the history of France

Люк Бессон снял самый дорогой фильм в истории Франции

The name Luc Besson is already firmly entrenched in the memory of millions of moviegoers as the man who creates high-quality movies. Should not be an exception, a new project Director and producer under the name “Valerian and the city of a thousand planets.

While fans will appreciate the graphics and special effects along with acting for young actors (recall that the film starred the British model Cara Delevingne), experts engaged in counting the material component.

The creation of the film Besson spent 197 million euros, which automatically made it the most expensive in the history of French cinema. Until now, the record belonged to the Comedy “Asterix at the Olympic games”, which was established in 2008. Then the shooting was allocated an amount of two times less than the Besson — “only” 78 million euros.

Recall, in the movie “Valerian and the city of a thousand planets” tells about the adventures of space special agents who became unwitting participants in an intergalactic conspiracy. Starring in the movie performed by Cara Delevingne and Dave Dehaan.