Lubava Greshnova: “Yes, I’m pregnant!”

Любава Грешнова: «Да, я беременна!» The actress has shared with “StarHit” the good news. Star of TV series “Fame” and “Beautiful life” Lubava Greshnova this spring will become a mother. The actress is extremely happy that her family is expected to replenish.

      About the possibility of replenishment in a family of actors lyubavy Grechnevoy and her husband Michael of Wheat fans talking after a week ago, the sugar began to put into your blog custom photography, mostly all portraits, pictures and full-length tapes disappeared altogether. Face and form changed significantly, and the fans have openly interested in: not in whether their favorite artist. Oil poured into the fire, colleague, 28-year-old, Lubava, actress Valeria Lanskaya. She posted in “Instagram” photograph with his girlfriend, her husband and children amenities: stroller and envelope. “StarHit” contacted a celebrity to learn the details.

      “Yes, I will not hide, we are waiting for replenishment in our family, and it will soon happen! We are absolutely happy and all the while staying in joyful anticipation of exciting!” – admitted Greshnova.

      Not so long ago, sugar was published in the microblog another picture she is shown with her husband Michael. The picture shows a noticeable rounded shape of the actress.

      “I endlessly love my husband very much! Yes, this is the most beautiful gift, to be in love with someone you plan to grow old. My amazing husband, I look at you and I can’t believe this miracle is happening to me and I live in a fairy tale…” – writes the sugar in the social network.

      28-year-old actress and her husband, a well-known actor on the series “Long way home” actor Michael Wheat together for five years. The stars met while studying at the acting Department of the Kiev national University named after Karpenko-Kary, but the couple broke out late in 2012 on the set of the film “the dreamers,” where they had to play a loving couple. On-screen romance became reality. Two years later, during a romantic trip to the Maldives, Wheat Lubawa made proposals of marriage, which the girl gladly accepted.