Верный друг Жанны Фриске скончался от рака Sister of the famous singer shared the sad news — a few months after the death of Jack Russell Terrier Lucretia died and the other pet stars. Labrador named Ulius heavily experienced the loss of a beloved mistress and suffered from cancer. Family Friske bravely fought for the life of the dog, but the disease took its toll.

      Верный друг Жанны Фриске скончался от рака

      Natalia Friske said in Instagram that died favorite animal Zhanna Friske — a Labrador named Ulius, to which celebrity was very much attached. Sister star bravely fought for the lives of dogs suffering from illness, but the dog had a relapse. “My beloved, now you are together”, — said Natalia in his microblog.

      Relatives Janna Friske defended the right to communicate with her child

      “Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t save, sorry I couldn’t help you… You were my favorite “wild boar”, the only link which connected me with Jeanne. Will always love you… one year has gone all dogs Jeanne. Apparently, you, sister, without them there was really lonely. Now they’re all with you, let them guard your rest”, — wrote Natalia Friske in social networks.

      Members sisters celebrities expressed their condolences on the loss of a true friend. “It’s very hard, I also said goodbye to beloved Pets. Hang in there, hug”, “God bless you! Everything that happens makes us stronger”, and “Patience and strength”, “Natasha, if anything, we are with you”, “You did what you could. You can’t blame yourself. Hug, even though we do not know personally,” “When animals die, pity them no less than people,” — commented the publication of Natalia.

      We will remind that after some time after the death of the actress Ulius was diagnosed with cancer. The dog really missed her mistress, and then began to feel ill. Natalia Friske in all possible ways trying to prolong the pet’s life, but, unfortunately, the disease took its toll.

      Earlier, in April of this year, we tragically lost another pet Zhanna Friske Jack Russell Terrier named Lucrezia. The dog ran under the wheels of the car. Family Friske is seriously suffered the loss adorable pet, which they started in 2011. From the first days of his stay in the house of Jeanne, the animal began to show a temper. However, the artist managed to find a special approach to Lucrezia to win his trust.

      Jack Russell Terrier quickly became friends with Olicom, and they were inseparable. Singer often took Lucretia with him when he traveled to other countries, and Labrador at this time right waited for your favorite hostess.