Loving Kylie Minogue look younger from happiness for ten years

Влюбленная Кайли Миноуг помолодела от счастья лет на десять
New lover loaded with presents singer armfuls of flowers.

Kylie Minogue has seen this
happy. She even looks a lot
younger than, for example, a year ago. And all
because Kylie is in love again, and this time her new boyfriend, in contrast to the former,
she presents only pleasant surprises.

Recently the paparazzi caught Kylie on the streets of London with
a huge bunch of pale pink orchids. While Minogue was beaming As…
it turned out, she was returning from a date with your loved — Paul Solomons, who gave her the flowers.

Although the first rumors about the novel with Kylie Solomons, a 44-year-old
the creative Director of GQ, appeared in April,
as it turned out, she secretly started Dating him in February of this year. And
during this time the lovers had time to advance far in the development of their relationship. In
the end of may Minogue presented Sex as your friends and fans: it
invited him to a party to celebrate his 50th birthday in
fashionable London’s Chiltern Firehouse. And then he published on his page in the social network stylish
black-and-white photo, which was captured her kiss with Paul. A few days ago the paparazzi managed
hunt down the Solomons, when he, with a bag of things and a packet of several bottles
beer, went to the mansion of the singer, located in Kensington. Moreover, as found
paparazzi, he left home Kylie the next morning.

Apparently, Minogue finally quite
recovered from the wreck of his last novel —
Joshua Sasse. And now ready for new serious relationship. Recall: Kylie
was officially engaged to Joshua and we were preparing for the wedding ceremony, when
he was caught cheating. As it turned out, he secretly met with much more
young actress Martha Milans. Then Minogue kicked case of
your home. But she survived due to a nervous breakdown.