Возлюбленная Николая Баскова интригует пикантными снимками Sophie of Kalcheva has not escaped comparisons with the Kardashian sisters. Fans hurry to praise the beloved “Golden voice of Russia”. The actress is having a great time on vacation in Greece with his son from his first marriage to Bogdan.

      Beloved people’s artist Nikolai Baskov Sophie of Kalcheva resting in Greece. Despite the fact that she went on vacation without her beloved, she’s having a great time abroad. Company Sophie is her son from her first marriage Bogdan, and a woman surrounded by friends. The passion of the “Golden voice of Russia” enjoy the journey swims, tans and spends a lot of time with your child. Also, the producer and the singer does not forget about his many subscribers. She regularly publishes photographs in which shows not just the beauty of the southern European countries, but also a great figure in the swimsuit.

      “A little bit tanned! Sorry for the rear view! Have a nice day”, signed Sophie picture in the white swimsuit.

      Fans were delighted from the chiseled figure of the beloved singer, and the angle from which the picture was taken, allowed them to compare the woman with the girls of the famous Kardashian family, which are famous for splendid forms. The followers generously awarded Sophie with compliments.

      “It’s like one of the Kardashian sisters. Wow, your figure is perfect”, “Great figure! Tan is amazing too! A pleasant stay”, “my Gosh, how handsome you are! Sexy, very nice! Like the wind on the fly catches your beauty!” – written by fans of a celebrity.

      Fans have repeatedly noted that Sophie keeps her figure in shape. However, Nikolay Baskov vigilantly that his fiancee is not overzealous in the pursuit of thinness. Especially because he thinks her body is perfect.

      “And you can’t lose weight, don’t. First, you slim. Secondly, when going on a diet, do stop there. How much you’ve eaten? Serving size three pieces of lump sugar. And because I believe that these few grams immediately plus go away. It’s psychological. Already tired to fight with you!” – was contacted by the artist to his lover in an interview with “StarHit”.

      About the novel Baskov and Kolcevoy the public spoke in 2014, when they appeared together at the “New wave”. Despite the fact that Sophie and Nicholas for the past two years demonstrate the full idyll, they are in no hurry to formalize their relationship. Artists understand that a stamp in the passport no will change their lives. Now they are happy in open relationships. Nikolai Baskov: “Sonya does not live and suffer”

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