Lover Nikolai Baskov has been a guest marriage

Возлюбленная Николая Баскова оправдалась за гостевой брак The choice of the artist thrives in an open relationship. Nikolay Baskov and Sophie of Kalcheva declared themselves a couple two years ago. Despite the idyllic and full understanding, they do not seek to seal their Union in the registry office.

      For the first time Nikolai Baskov saw along with burning brunette two years ago. As it turned out, at the festival “New wave” artist made Sophie Kalcheva. Since then, the pair of them arouses admiration from many fans. For two years they demonstrate a real idyll, but not in a hurry to seal their Union in the registry office. Sophie admitted that she is incredibly comfortable easy to maintain a relationship.

      Kalcheva said that in material terms they Baskov completely independent from each other. The choice of the artist fully accepts the fact that beloved is very much work, but because the guest completely satisfied with their marriage.

      “Many people can not understand “How they live: he is in the apartment, but she in her own house?” But we must exist in this graph to understand that differently it is impossible. Kohl’s insanely hard working. Recently filmed “Saturday night live”. The shooting came a week. Every day he is in 12 days stood in the frame, and in two hours the night it came out. And so for the whole week. He often calls me and says: “We meet today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.” Not every woman is able to take. But I accept, because I understand what his hard work”, – said the choice of the artist.

      Sophie also believes that the wedding in a woman’s life should be one time, and therefore formal marriage now she is completely useless. The woman pleased that they managed to create a very harmonious Union.

      “Sincerity and trust is the most important thing in our relationship. When we celebrated two years of our lives, I caught myself thinking that we never talk about what happened to us. We do not discuss the past at all. He neither remembers nor I are interested in. I am very grateful that Nicholas tries poking around in my past. It is not necessary. It is better to turn the page and move on,” – said kalichava.

      Nikolai Baskov has a son from his first marriage with Svetlana Shpigel. Sophie also brings up an heir from her ex-husband. However, now the pair is not thinking about the total child.

      “You know, we do not set such a task. But, if that happens, we will be happy. I do not insist, because I have a son Bogdan. I was worried for some time that they have with Kolya may experience some friction. But, thank God, everything went well”, – said Sophie in an interview with “Interlocutor”.