Возлюбленная Федора Смолова: «Он меня бросил!» The choice of the player said they are no longer together. About the relationship Fyodor Smolov and Miranda Shelia began talking six months ago. Then the lovers were shining with happiness and shared numerous photos with fans.

      Возлюбленная Федора Смолова: «Он меня бросил!»

      Just six months after breaking up with Victoria and lopyrevoy Fedor Smolov found solace in the arms of another model, a friend Keti Topuria, Miranda Shelia. News about changes in your personal life informing a colleague of the athlete by Pavel Mamaev. He posted a photo of Theodore and Miranda, which, however, was soon deleted.

      Themselves, however, the lovers did not conceal their relationship from the public, and regularly share photos with her fans on the social network, showing a brilliantly white smile and happiness in his eyes. However, after just six months, fans suspected that the novel Theodore and Miranda cracked. The girl went to Tbilisi, but not in kanapie her lover. Model spends time in the company of friends. In this regard, fans are literally filled up Saliu questions about her personal life in Periscope. Initially, the girl tried to ignore replica all interested, but then became curious reply.

      “Fyodor threw me? Yes, he left me,” – said Miranda to his followers.

      However, the fans did not let up and tried to extort her as much detail as possible. They asked, dreamed ever of Miranda that she will marry Theodore married.

      “Of course, I thought, but, unfortunately, he dumped me,” said Shelia, however, contrary to the expectations of the fans, started laughing after this phrase.

      Also from the watchful eyes of subscribers microblog as Theodore and Miranda there’s no hiding the fact that their accounts have disappeared numerous pictures of the couple. Fans could not remain indifferent to the breakup of the athlete and model, and hurried to comfort the girl, trying to prove that the player is not worth her suffering.

      “Yes, he is not worthy of you! What do you see in him?! Still the message was clear. And you looked through rose-colored glasses”, “Mimosa, it is clear that very worried. You’re just changing and your eyes are sad. But the main thing is that all of that is done – for the better! Fate will lead you to present and most importantly true love! What I want you and all my heart!”, “A strange man running between two women. You’re cool. It’s not paint,” he hastened to sympathize subscribers Selii.

      Despite the fact that ex-girlfriend shares details of his personal life, Smolov prefers not to comment on the severance of relations with Shelia.

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