Возлюбленная Федора Смолова резко сменила имидж Model Miranda Shelia turned into a platinum blonde. Before the girl footballer had dark hair. Subscribers to its microblog noted that she is very good with light strands.

      Возлюбленная Федора Смолова резко сменила имидж

      For the life of the lady known footballer Fyodor Smolova Miranda Shelie watch over 320 thousand subscribers in Instagram. Young beauty prefers to show photos of his chiseled figure and dramatic makeup, but sometimes on her home page appear a selfie with her lover. Beauty and proportionality of the face of the girl was so surprised users of the social networks that she even tried to catch in the plastic, but Miranda says that it is all natural.

      The model will be remembered by all as a fatal brunette with dark skin. What a surprise it was her folliero when she posted a shot where she appeared with blond hair. “As soon as I found all the answers, changed all the questions”, – signed photo of Miranda.

      The views of followers of its microblog divided. One very much like this experiment models and others thought that by becoming a platinum blonde, she lost her personality. “Dark was better”,”You are very, very different”, “Oh”, “Super”, – wrote in the comments on the page of Miranda.

      Возлюбленная Федора Смолова резко сменила имидж

      Recall that over a long period of time Fedor Smolov did not advertise the relationship with 24-year-old model. Despite the fact that they have been to the same parties, no one suspected that between them broke out passion. Only after several months, the pair stopped to hide their affair. Miranda was able to help Smolova to forget the painful separation of Victoria and lopyrevoy.

      By the way, the astrologer Lily Lyubimova noted that the player tend to take to heart some of the problems with women. “Parting with lopyrevoy hard hit to his self esteem. He penetrated her deep enough. Smolov can’t forget those or other emotional painful moments, especially from loved ones who were let into my life, though, and can hide their feelings under a mask of friendliness, generosity, giving the impression partying and littering money,” – said the expert.

      Miranda was charmed by the young athlete. Model is one of the friends of the singer Katie Topuria, so repeatedly flashed on pictures in Instagram, the soloist of group A’studio. It was the star of the pop scene helped Shelie a few years ago, when she was going through a divorce. Miranda for the first time has married in 20 years, and when I divorced, I felt uncomfortable, as she violated the traditions established in their family. Leggy beauty argues that, despite this experience in the past, she still dreams about strong family.

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