“Love you scary”: you sick son Marat Basharova treated by Turkish doctors

«Ночью начинается страшное»: больного сына Марата Башарова лечат турецкие врачи
The actor’s wife spoke about the health problems one-year-old Marseille.

Marat Basharov with his son

Photo: @Instagram elizavetabasharova Elizabeth Savercool

Marat Basharov two weeks ago gave his wife and son’s trip in a five star hotel in Turkey. The pair had planned a magical vacation with unforgettable emotion, but faced with the realities of families with small children. The successor of Marat and his wife, Elizabeth contracted a serious virus. Noticing the first symptoms of the disease, Basharov with his wife went to doctors. Son Marat was diagnosed false croup. Marcel has twice called an ambulance because of sharp deterioration.

“A terrible diagnosis of “false croup”, I had only heard about him. All the worst start in the night: restlessness, and then cough like barking, and all because swelling of the larynx, all accompanied by allergies. And then abruptly wanted to go home, but I understand that there is no sea, no sun… And once to Turkey to go more do not want to, second time here and second time very sick… And all because a kids hotel, as the camp… a Bunch of kids, a lot of infections,” — said the wife of Marat.

Not so long ago with the same disease encountered another celebrity family. At a time when Stas Kostyushkin was on tour at his little son, Myron had an attack of false croup. It should be noted that the disease parents fear “like the plague”. The fact that it has a number of complications that can lead to tragic consequences for children’s health (or death). False croup has a very high mortality rate and is especially dangerous for young children.

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