Love the c scale

Лю-бить c размахом Last week, the topic of domestic violence, it was like I was chasing. First, the heavy hand of a former spouse, actress Ekaterina Vasilyeva told the Creator of “aces”, directed by Sergei Solovyov.

      Лю-бить c размахом

      Then the Internet was flooded with tears of the offended artist Elena Ksenofontova. It turned out that as a child she watched the constant bullying of his stepfather’s abuse of her mother and could not imagine that her own civil ex-husband is a lawyer, by the way – will behave in a similar way.

      But the real bomb dropped when I was in the air came the wife of football player Alexander Aliyev Tatiana and told about the beatings betrothed. He is not a fool to lay the collar, Aliyev did not deny. But the main reason was the provocative behavior of the spouse, and almost all of the years of their marriage. “She had been drinking. It happened once that left, pick up children, and they have two days at home did not sleep”.

      Returning with another games, the athlete heard from neighbors that affords the wife in his absence: “As she walked, someone brought home!” Yes, admits Alexander, he raised a hand to her, but only in response, not to appear in public with a scratched face. On the question of why all this is tolerated, Aliev explains – sorry kids: “I have lived and never left, they were small.” And that’s why they suffered the humiliation Tatyana, remained unclear.