Влюбленная Шэрон Стоун зачастила к «волшебнику» от пластической хирургии
The actress never wants to lose her new lover.

Влюбленная Шэрон Стоун зачастила к «волшебнику» от пластической хирургии

Sharon Stone

Photo: @sharonstone/Instagram

Lonnie Cooper

Photo: @sharonstone/Instagram

58-year-old Sharon stone has always insisted that never
used the services of plastic surgeons, and that her beauty is timeless
time — only of natural origin. However, recently the paparazzi
“spotted” actress at the exit from the foreman’s office cosmetic surgery Bernard
Markowitz in Beverly hills. Specialist services that are very popular among Hollywood celebrities.

The actress with a beaming smile for photographers
demonstrating visibly refreshed and raskladyvaya the skin. How did
to install it later, it was already far not the first recent visit, Sharon
to the surgeon. Experts believe that the actress apparently made a delicate “lifting” the face and tweaked
lips. This was told to the reporter of Internet-portal

However, it’s not surprising. The stars haven’t had serious novels. Latest with actor David Lewis — ended in 2014. As in 2013, Sharon met with the young Argentinian Martin Mika who labored in the modeling business.

Apparently, the stone is so in love with
my new boyfriend owns
sports Agency Lonnie Cooper that is ready for any experiments with his
appearance. Recently, Sharon made a romantic
travel with Cooper to the island of St Barts, where they were with Lonnie saw and
the beach, restaurants, and shopping. Moreover, the stone looked so happy,
what was not long ago.