Love Paris Hilton and Thomas gross was killed distance

Любовь Пэрис Хилтон и Томаса Гросса убило расстояние

Today just did the day of revelations. We already reported about the probable reasons for the breakup, Zac Efron and Sami miró, but now we know what killed the ideal relationship of socialite Paris Hilton and her Swedish lover Thomas gross< /strong>.

Twelve-hour flights in one direction rather tired of the famous blonde. Thomas lives in the Swiss Alps, and Paris is torn between Los Angeles and Ibiza, where he successfully di-gestuet for the third year. Another route was too tiring for her, despite your feelings to Thomas.
Nobody wanted to concede to the detriment of his own Empire, and eventually, the relationship reached an impasse. The parting was only a matter of time. In addition, having such a crazy schedule, Hilton could not often meet with her mother and sister, and besides, we really missed our Pets, which on a long journey, of course, did not take.
Paris flew to a favorite several times a month, staying with the one you love for a couple of days. She got bored to spend day in flights, and she and Tom decided to split up.
Recall that Hilton even aiming to become the wife of Swiss billionaire. They met at the Cannes film festival and at first sight fell in love with each other. Paris considered him – the first and only my man, who did not need her reputation, only she. Now she will have to find a new.

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