Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина

A scene from the movie “When Harry met Sally”

No matter whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or prefer to ignore the gender festival (and that’s okay!), we advise you to remember that February 14 is, rather, about love in all its forms, including love for yourself, and not about the “second half”. So why this day (and night) to treat myself to a new toy? A choice of 10 instances for the most amazing orgasms (and approved by editors).

According to the reports of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, about 62 percent of the girls surveyed admitted that at least once in their lives masturbated. 92 percent of American women (alas, statistics in Russia, we not share — on the territory of our country such studies have been conducted) aged from 18 to 30 years don’t see it nothing to be ashamed of and regularly engaged in this. 45 percent claim they can achieve orgasm during Masturbation during some three minutes.

Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина

No wonder the American porn site Pornhub noted the incredible rise of daily attendance among the fair sex. On average, three percent for the year. Many stars, also not averse to discussing such a seemingly sensitive topic. So, Eva Longoria in an interview with Contact Music said:
I was working on a film and knew that I would be on set within a month, so I spent all my per diem to buy a vibrator. I couldn’t enjoy sex until I started masturbating… wish I discovered this for myself before… Everyone should do it!

Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина

Shailene Woodley and does believe that young girls need to find out more about your body, so it wants to release a book called “there is No right way to masturbate”:

Young girls don’t know how to pleasure yourself, I don’t know what should be the orgasm, I don’t know that they, too, should feel satisfaction.

Taylor momsen calls himself “a promoter of Masturbation”. She urges not to sleep around, but first examine ourselves:
Boys do this, girls rarely. For this reason girls have so many unpleasant cases and stories in this regard. But it is possible to know your body, yourself and what brings you pleasure. Don’t need to offer myself solely for the sake of some sexual significance. Because I believe that people should not be afraid of sex, it’s natural, it’s human nature, there can be nothing to be ashamed of — especially young girls do not think that it is a shame.

On the benefits of Masturbation can talk for hours. It helps to relieve headache and reduce pain during menstruation (promotes relaxation of the uterus and reduce spasms), normalizes blood pressure, improves sleep, lifts mood in the end!

Like sports, Masturbation “pumps” the blood and, therefore, has beneficial effects on the heart. But Masturbation is not only about health but also about love to your own body.

The technique of using sex or Masturbation as meditation has long existed in communities in tantric sex, there is a method known as “oming” or orgasmic meditation, as well as the so-called conscious Masturbation.

And now finally move to the main. Proclaimed February 14 the day of love for ourselves and offer you to move from the needle male approval… copies of our current holiday collection.

10 sex toys for mind-blowing orgasms

The choice of the editor-in-chief — vacuum clitoral stimulator with vibration Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration cost (“Shop Freud” — 4 760 RUB.)

In mid-January, I got to test drive a magical device and then put it in stories. My followers, emerging from the holiday coma, happily startled. “Class, tell me then”, “so lovely”, “my same”. The excitement did not abate for the entire month, at parties I was approached by people with a meaningful question “how?”, I did a mysterious form, felt Tatiana Nikonova and Joyce Williams single face and said, “Wait until February 14”. Wait. Read.

I got the white device that resembles, rather, a toy mixer or dryer than a sex toy. So here they are: vacuum clitoral stimulator with vibration Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration.

A bit of theory

First was a Womanizer. It is never a vibrator, but it is a revolutionary invention that delivers fast, bright, guaranteed orgasm. The principle of operation is simple and safe: Womanizer gently sucks the clitoris to the silicon nozzle, the blood rushing into that area that you need, which guarantees the coveted orgasm. So, Satisfyer is much cheaper and more restrained, in terms of design than its big brother Womanizer. However, its main function is inevitably bright and most likely multiple orgasm — he does a Bang.

Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина


— Satisfyer is easily recharged from the mains, the charge for a long time, agree, it’s important to not be interrupted at the crucial moment.
— Silicone head Satisfyer easily removed and washed with warm water and soap or a special solution. If you want a new head you can always buy more.
— Cheers, Satisfyer you can take with you into the bath or shower. It is waterproof and completely safe.
— Manual does not recommend the use Satisfyer longer than 15 minutes. It is clear that producers are reinsured. This refers, most likely, continuous intensive use, which can lead to injury.
— Use Satisfyer during foreplay, alternating with the other sex, return to it again and again — all are welcome.


At the device “two powerful motor”, as written in the instructions. One actually responsible for the absorption, the other creates additional vibration. One 10, the other 11 modes of exposure, respectively. The device itself has the shape of an arc, easily “fits” in your hand and partner’s hand.


The presence of a guarantor intense and multiple orgasms in bed (let every man choose the place of storage) gives so we all need stability. The hormone dopamine is responsible in our body for feeling pleasure, is literally blooming in his brain at the sight of the white device. A simple and sure way to go into space, to expand the boundaries of their sensuality, to help the partner to redeem you in tenderness.

Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина

It is important

Satisfyer not quiet, it is as if to speak more correctly… rumbles. But it’s not scary.

And nine other great sex toys…

Vacuum clitoral stimulator Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation (the cost to “Store Freud” — 4 470 RUB.)

The name of this sex toy is easy to guess that it was created primarily for fans of clitoral orgasm and oral sex stimulator works so that it seems like you do a cunnilingus (and all — thanks to the silicone tip).

The stimulator has several power levels so that you can adjust yourself by pressing a special button. In General, if time is tight and you need what is called “quick”, turn on high and voila, you’re in Paradise. Particularly sensitive and may take a few seconds to get maximum pleasure. If you are not in a hurry and want to enjoy the process, put the minimum power and extend the pleasure.

It works, incidentally, is quite curious — it creates a ripple and as if slightly sucks the clitoris. Due to this, the orgasm can be received multiple times.

Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина

Clitoral stimulator with playful moving legs Svakom Cookie (value “Shop Freud” — 6 580 RUB.)

This octopus pastel hue specifically created for the playful foreplay. The three “tentacles” you can gently caress the labia, clitoris and nipples (Tatiana Nikonova advises not to limit, but to connect the lips, nose or shoulders). They turn and mimic the circular motion of the tentacles.

Gadget the size of a fist made of hypoallergenic silicone that is so soft that you even don’t need lube (if they cannot be avoided, then take lubricants water-based, silicone or fat can damage its silicone surface).

Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина

Octopus feels great in the water (it is waterproof), requires recharge yourself every half an hour, but that’s a shame, quite loud.

Vibrator We-Vibe Jive with control from a smartphone (value “Shop Freud” — 9 740 RUB.)

Move over, Apple Watch and Fitbit! There are more important things that you need to know what track your steps and heart rate. Meet the Jive vibrator by We-Vibe.

We-Vibe was designed as a toy that promises to add a thrill to the gray days. The result: a small stimulator that can be worn (discreetly) under your clothes and feel comfortable when you lie, walk or sit on the “Whisperer”.

Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина

This tiny stimulator G-spot enters the vagina, and a small tail remains outside. But the most interesting — you can control it with the app We-Vibe We-Connect or, if you love surprises, to give the reins to (control) your partner.

The orgasm will find you, whether you are in the same bed or even thousands of miles away from each other.

The Luxe Touch Rabbit vibrator from Cal Exotics (about 7 thousand rubles.)

If you need a reliable vibrator for a beginner, which you’ll be able to enter the vagina, this purple rabbit — what you need. He has a very powerful engine for deeper and more sensual vibrations, eight modes and — which is especially nice if your apartment has thin walls — it is almost silent.

The rabbit has two small ears that can tickle your Clit to orgasm in minutes. One hour charging and a half hours of usage — a lot of time for experimentation. This sex-gadget, by the way, adored Samantha from “Sex in the city”.

Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина

Contactless clitoral stimulator Womanizer Premium (the price in “Shop Freud” — 15 480 RUB)

The first question asked by the woman that “womanizer” (eng.): “Can he give all that promises?” Most women will answer this question “Yes.”

Womanizer Premium is one of the most popular sex toys in the world. The technology behind the Air turned the whole market the vibrators turned on its head. Soft touch air or intense suction, provide multiple orgasms over and over again. As many as 12 exciting stimulation modes — from minimum to super.

New models equipped with another function of “smart silence”, in which the device is doing magic only when it comes into contact with skin, and if it’s just to put next, it goes into standby mode.

Another novelty: a built-in autopilot. Sounds weird, but it’s revolutionary! The device takes the initiative and again and again changes the stimulation and surprised its owner. So it remains only to trust her orgasm professional.

As with previous versions of Womanizer, this model is fully waterproof. You can easily take it with you into the shower, the pool, Yes even to the sauna. Built-in battery will give (attention!) up to four hours of continuous operation. If that’s not enough for you, adjust the nozzle to that of enlarged diameter, and you will be happy.

Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина

Satisfyer Pro vibrator G-Spot Rabbit (the value of Condom-shop.ru — 4 999 RUB.)

This white rabbit will surprise you with simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris. “It was love at first contact”, “I’ve never felt”, “It must try every woman,” it’s all about him. The main superpower of the vibrator in the foot. The so-called clitoral appendage is provided with vacuum-wave stimulator that gently sticks to the area around the clitoris, thus it is not in contact with him. You will feel the soft rhythmic waves that can be compared with the very expert cunnilingus, or the gentle sucking of the clitoris.

The vaginal process is slightly curved and widens towards the end, allowing it to effectively stimulate the G-spot and the vaginal walls.

Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина

Vibrostimulator Gvibe Tiffany Mini Mint (value Condom-shop.ru — 7 990 RUB.)

“The ergonomic shape of the Mini vibrator from the famous British brand Gvibe easily adapts to the anatomical features of each person and is perfect for intense stimulation inside the body and outside,” says their website.

In fact, to adapt to these two flexible tips are not as easy as it seems. We can safely say that the toy is not for beginners, but those who master this craft, waiting for the simultaneous stimulation of G-spot and the vaginal walls, the clitoris and the posterior wall of the vagina, anus and g-spot. Casaca and a pleasure.

Six intense modes which are regulated using the built-in controller. Reliability the powerful motor you can be sure that the company’s founder Gvibe (used to be called FunToys) engineer Jack the romance specialized in the invention materials for space technologies.

Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина

Vibrator Lelo Siri 2-activated music (10 400 RUB.)

Not to be confused with a girl in your iPhone, Siri’s Lelo’2 — this vibrator the size of a palm, which listens to and, most importantly, understands you. He perceives music or voice and vibrates along with it. This is great for people who want to diversify their regular classes to masturbate or have playlists ready for Masturbation. Modes take you through the rhythms, reggae, Rumba, folk, hip-hop, soul, techno, jazz or classical. Shall we dance?

Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина

Vibrator Adrien Lastic G-Wave (cost condom-shop.ru — 6 499 RUB)

This cute vibrator promises to satisfy everyone at once: it is flexible, so you can use it almost anything you like (but not anal) — can be straightened, if you want the classic penetration, and can be folded in half, pinning the appendage to the main part — to please point G. In the first case, by the way, is dual stimulation — vaginal and clitoral, but there is a risk to focus not on what is inside, only what is on the outside.

Toys 10 modes with temporitme for every taste. The main thing is not to play too and not to forget what you took the vibrator in hand in principle, and it is possible to get carried away and accidentally fall asleep with the relaxing good massage. But if you do everything right, of course, will not sleep — despite the girly pink color and appearance miminost inserts he is not a child.

Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина

A few words about the characteristics of: charging 120 minutes, running at 160 minutes. You can use in the shower, but steer straight under the jet of water is recommended. Velvet, made of medical silicone, very soft to the touch. Comes with cover and charger. Very quiet it can not be called, but nothing critical — your groans will in any case stronger than the buzz.

Люби меня, люби: 10 секс-игрушек для веселого Дня святого Валентина

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