“Love, Kate B”: the vampire from “Another world” in Moscow

«С любовью, Катя Б»: вампирша из «Другого мира» в Москве

The actress introduced the film “underworld: blood War”.

“Good afternoon,” she greeted journalists at a press conference in Russian. It turns out that the British are well aware of our language!

“I studied Russian language at Oxford, but it was a long time ago,’ continued Kate in Russian, but then switched to his native English. — One of my majors was Russian literature. The first piece played by me on stage – “the Seagull” by Chekhov. It is, in General, my favorite writer, although I also like Akhmatova, Blok, Dostoevsky. A favorite Russian film – drama “Come and see””.

Beckinsale for the fifth time returns to the image of the vampire Selene.

“When we shot the first movie 14 years ago, vampire theme was new and original. We are actually the progenitors of the fashion in film,” she laughs.

This time she also participated in writing the script. For example, invented a scene where her character drinks blood from a samovar…!

“I remember that such tea drinking tradition existed in Russia. It is very solemn. That’s why I asked to find for this episode samovar. We shot in the Czech Republic, so it was easy,” explained the actress.

Even Kate admitted that superstitious in terms of health. For example, always comes on the plane with the right foot.

In Moscow, she arrived the day before and already uploaded in your Instagram photo with the dolls, which she gave to the organizers. In the comments wrote in Russian: “”Yes, I’m in Moscow! Hi. Kate B. Love””.

In the Russian hire the picture “underworld: blood War” can be seen from 24 November.