“Love for children is what unites us”: Jennifer Lopez has written an inspiring essay

«Любовь к детям — это то, что нас объединяет»: Дженнифер Лопес написала вдохновляющее эссе

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez wrote for a charity project The Global Moms Relay of essays about motherhood and about how the love of children can change the world.

«Любовь к детям — это то, что нас объединяет»: Дженнифер Лопес написала вдохновляющее эссе

Jennifer Lopez with daughter Emme and son Maximilian

A project of The Global Moms Relay was developed by the Johnson & Johnson Foundation and United Nations Foundation with support from BabyCenter, Global Citizen and Fatherly to improve the lives of families around the world. The project website was launched a section in which published the famous essay motivating mum. One of them wrote Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez).

“I wish every child had access to medical care and education to all the children were surrounded by love. I want every child to be healthy, educated, feel secure, to respect his rights. We have the ability to achieve these goals: we need to unite and fight for it. Together we are very strong,” said Mr. Lopez.

“I was lucky that my family helped me to grow up a strong man. But when you become a mother, you realize that actually you’re not as strong. Heart now lives outside of the body, and your own happiness depends on the happiness of the child, ” she continues. — Love for children is what unites mothers around the world and can be a catalyst for change. We all want to have our children had the opportunity to go to school and be safe.”

“We need to be confident that our boys will grow into men who will respect and appreciate women. It is also important that girls have the same rights and opportunities as boys. In the world there is no country, where the triumph of true gender equality. Time to fix this. I intend to stand with other mothers and build a better world for our children”.

Johnson & Johnson promises for every like, view the video of the project or review to the essay presented by you to send 1 dollar to the funds of [email protected], Girl Up, Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund, U.S. Fund for UNICEF and Nothing But Nets. In total, the company will transfer to charity 350 thousand dollars.

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