Love assumption caught cheating

Любовь Успенскую поймали на обмане
The singer has amused fans with her negligence.

Lubov Uspenskaya

Photo: @uspenskayalubov_official Instagram Lyubov Uspenskaya

It is known that with the development of computer technology, the stars became much easier to look younger and slimmer. We are talking about creating “magic” of photoshop, which works wonders. Here only to use it wisely — so that the hero picture could not catch the deception. Celebrities are sometimes too slow to show itself in a changed form and not notice the “mistakes” in the edited photo. This is not just a mistake even the most famous Hollywood beauty.

Here and Patriotic stars do not lag behind the West. Most often on the improper or excessive use of photoshop catch Anna Semenovich and Victoria Bonia. Now joined by Lubov Uspenskaya, blundered, which was especially amused fans. 63-year-old star of the chanson issued a portrait, which I forgot to retouch your… ear! Attentive fans noticed that unnaturally “young” singer with a complete lack of wrinkles for some reason suddenly “got old” ear.

This photo has provoked a wave of smiles in the address assumption. However, it should be noted that no matter what cunning Love did not go looking for her age she is really beautiful. And the desire of the singer to embellish reality completely justified in conditions of a rigid competition in the world of show business.