Любовь Аксенова рассказала, зачем ездила по наркологическим клиникам
Started shooting a new TV series with the actress.

Любовь Аксенова рассказала, зачем ездила по наркологическим клиникам

Love Aksenov and Denis Shvedov

a fantastic Thriller “nightwatch” Love Aksenov told about the shooting in
the new series “Ex”, filming of which began the Studio “Yellow, Black and

The heroine
actress — Yana — patient rehabilitation clinics for alcoholics and
drug addicts. It faces a difficult road to recovery. But once in
Yana’s life, everything changes. She meets Elijah, a new psychologist-consultant.
At first, the girl for him — another difficult patient, but gradually
Elijah begins to see the talents of Jana, a drop-down in the healing process.
The emerging new feeling, unexpected for both of them.

“My heroine
faced with serious life problems, it seems that no one
likes, nobody believes in it, and it makes no sense to love one’s self — told
Love Aksenov. — Yana’s complex relationship with his father lead her to
despair. He is constantly all over it decides without giving it the right choice. For
my heroine the drugs is not the way of pleasure, and
distraction from problems. I’m preparing for my role pretty thoroughly:
went to special clinics, talked with the people there, watched movies, read
a lot of literature on this topic. In this challenging struggle is very important
to have the support of loved ones, a sense of love, understanding and trust.”

Asanovoy on the site became the star of “Major” Denis Shvedov.

“My character tries to help people in the clinic
to start a new life, while he is looking for some kind of a way, its purpose, —
says the actor. — He managed to abandon the use and installations of the past
life, and now he helps others do the same”.

Love Aksenov

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