Любовь Аксенова отказалась от еды из-за работы The star of the series “Major” starred in the film “Beyond reality” along with Antonio Banderas and Milos Bikovich. Very soon, the premiere of the project “Former” with the participation of girls. For this role, Lyubov Aksenova month starving.

28-year-old Love Aksenov has played in the new film “Beyond reality” and in the TV series the Exes, which will premiere in the spring. In the more distant future, fans of the actress can see her in the much-anticipated sequel to “Major,” with Paul Priluchny. She recently gave an interview, telling about your lifestyle, healthy habits and diet.

Instagram Aksenova says that she is obsessed with healthy eating. The actress gave up meat and reading books on proper nutrition. According to the girl, she gets pleasure from such a diet. Love is sure – the vegan regime is not so monotonous as it might seem to an outsider. The actress loves sprouts – green buckwheat, chickpeas, peas and juice. Somehow Aksenov and even lasted a month on liquids.

“Added to the pot! And honey with lemon. I thought fasting is very difficult, but it was a great experience. I decided on him because of the role in the TV series the Exes, which is about to be released. I was asked to play a drug-addicted girl caught in rehabe, – says the actress. – I was curious to explore the dependence. That feel when you visit the obsessive thoughts. Of all the affections to the time the strongest was the food. Then I decided on a hunger strike to feel what happens when all thoughts are only about the pizza.”

Sitting on the diet, Love began to read “the Miracle of fasting” Bragg and Field research of Japanese scientist, asinari Osumi. In 2016 he won the Nobel prize for the discovery of mechanisms of autophagy. In his writings, proved the benefits of fasting, helping the body to cleanse itself. In recognition Aksenova, after the change of diet she had a lot of free time.

“I didn’t cook, didn’t go to the store really didn’t know what to do. That’s what I’ve got working on the role: this is pontaniana when you no longer have that gave you the buzz. But fasting is not at all scary. Hard to believe, but the right things are always very simple. And this simplicity is incredibly difficult for many to accept,” the girl says.

Love tries to adhere to the recommendations of the American nutritionist David Zinchenko. The actress allows herself to eat anything, but within eight hours of the spill. It is believed that such a regime enables the body to recover and to get rid of all the junk. According to Aksenova, it suits this food.

In a recent interview, the actress also spoke about the ways of dealing with stress. Love believes that a day is useful to fall asleep for 20 minutes, as this helps to reboot. If a girl is facing a high load, she drinks juice and buys dried fruit. And coffee consumption Aksenov prefers chicory, she shared with the magazine “abakay”.