Love affair on the set of “Game of thrones”

Любовные интриги на съемках «Игры престолов» The star of the show kit Harington called married actress rose Leslie, who played ygritte savage. It is the loudest, but not the only romantic story that happened on the set of the Saga. Because actors hold each other a lot of time, it is not surprising that among some of them a sense of flare.
Любовные интриги на съемках «Игры престолов»

“Game of thrones” is filmed in its eighth year. The actors hold each other more time than with relatives. Often a romantic relationship tie between onscreen lovers, as happened with the whale rose, but it happens that the enemies are after the command “Cut!” a sudden change of heart.

Rose in the cold

In the series novel the king in the North Jon snow and his savage ended tragically – with the death of Ygritte. Fortunately, in real life the couple are all so good that they even decided the old fashioned way to report this in the section “Upcoming wedding” the Times newspaper. The note reads: “the engagement is Announced between Keith, youngest son of David and Deborah Harrington of Northampton, and rose, the middle daughter of Sebastian and candy Leslie of Aberdeenshire”.

Love broke out in 2012, filming in the cold of Iceland, where many actors were willing to marry for the sake of the heat source. “I was immediately drawn to the rose,” said 30-year-old Harrington. Rose was harder to tune in to the romance because the kit did not look as stunning as on the screen. To his famous curls stood on end, he wouldn’t wash his hair during the filming and also constantly toiled stomach from greasy heavy food that the actors were consumed to keep warm, in huge quantities.

Keith and his 30-year-old rose first went out as a couple only last year and moved in together in January. “Keith has long realized that he wanted to marry her, – has told friends of the actor. But he and rose decided to have a common home.”
Любовные интриги на съемках «Игры престолов»


Lina Hidi, arrogant Queen Cersei – even in the interest of the case does not want to breathe the same air as Jerome Flynn, executing the role of Bronn. Notorious step from love to hate Lena and Jerome did about 15 years ago. Former partners do not say exactly what ended their romance, but we can assume that something is terribly stressful and unpleasant. “They don’t talk, – said a source from the crew. All instructed not to bring them together in scenes and keep as far away from each other as soon as possible.”

Любовные интриги на съемках «Игры престолов»

However, for a new fan it was gone. For the first time, the press drew attention to her delicate friendship with the 42-year-old Chilean actor Pedro Pascal for the year before he joined the “Game of thrones” as Oberyn Martell. His character was killed in the fourth season to the great delight of Queen Cersei. Having lost her beloved cavalier-over, Lina got together with childhood friend Dan Kadan, and even had a child. But the relationship did not last long. In the past year, “Instagram” actress returned a playful selfie with Pedro, without which, apparently, none of her vacation, weekend and lunchtime.

Example is contagious

Любовные интриги на съемках «Игры престолов»

In Icelandic the cold formed another pair. 29-year-old John Bradley, who plays cute fat Sam Tarly, have seen enough snow idyll friend Keith and plucked up the courage to take care of your barbarian 28-year-old Hannah Murray, who plays Gilly. “John gives her gifts and flowers, makes her laugh in between takes,” say colleagues. As it turned out, they are tight not only in the breaks. “John likes to read me funny tweets in the car on the way home, Hannah let it slip in an interview. In the pretentious manner of honored artist. It’s very funny and helps to keep your own ego in check.” If the same machine carries John and Hannah in the same house, the wedding may loom on the horizon at any moment. It is not excluded that the ceremony will be born of series group “brotherhood without a banjo”, which in addition to John is played by kit Harington, Rory McCann, better known as Sandor Clegane, nicknamed the Hound.