Lounge in the style of hi-Tech

Гостиная в стиле Хай-Тек

Style “hi-tech” was founded in 20-ies of the last century, in the era of technological revolution. This ultra-modern style elevates the beauty of simple engineering structures. Lounge in the style of hi-tech is filled with light and air, it has a lot of space, metal, glass and mirrors. The interior is dominated by minimalism, simplicity of lines and shapes. And of course, can not do without modern technology.

Гостиная в стиле Хай-Тек

How to create a fashionable living room


Usually make multi-level ceiling with strict forms and straight lines, as a covering use glossy stretch ceilings. For the floor you can use a glossy laminate, tile, carpet or make self-leveling floors. When choosing Wallpaper, consider plain options without drawings and patterns, and also the walls can be painted.


Lighting is an important component of style. Used in the interior point lighting of specific areas and sites. Built-in lights to focus on subjects so do not choose the huge chandelier.


For the style “high-tech” characteristic cold white, grey, and metallic. As bright accents you can use black, green, orange or red hue.


Here we come to the interesting part, when the repair is ready and it’s time to furnish a room beautifully furnished. The center of the living room should be a modular sofa, large, and important, consisting of several modules that you can rearrange and change the interior. Padding should be the same color of fabric or leather, in the design of upholstered furniture acceptable chrome parts and accessories.

Гостиная в стиле Хай-Тек

Racks, cabinets, living room wall with a glossy Shine and glass accents — a great addition to the interior.

The main feature of furniture for high-tech style — rigor and functionality. No need to make the whole room furniture, use only necessary, but focus their attention on the choice of the sofa, as it is the main part of the interior.


The main decoration of the high-tech style is appliances. Great home theater or plasma, computer or laptop. As accessories you can choose vases of the geometric shape, glass or metal figurines, black and white photos.
Assessing the benefits of the style “high-tech”, try to recreate it in the design of your living room. Do not limit yourself in the ideas, you can combine dining area or study room from the living room, to choose an unusual and original pieces of furniture space form. Don’t be afraid to experiment.


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