Louis Vuitton has released a perfume with the scent bags

Louis Vuitton выпустил духи с ароматом сумки

Strange perfume will be on sale next month.

When dreams of a beautiful lady shop bag broken to smithereens on a modest family budget, there are three exits. Or give up on my dream forever, or to go to Turkey or on a flea market outside Moscow and buy a cheap but counterfeit, or to change her husband. The Louis Vuitton company seems to have found another way to solve the problem: with perfume smell bags.

Details of the composition of the new fragrance are kept in the strictest confidence. We only know that creating fragrances was attended by famous perfumer Jacques Caval, author Nina for Nina Richi and for Ultraviolet Paco Rabanne.

Recall that this is not the first fragrance from the manufacturer of the bags. However, last time the company came into the perfume market already in 1946, launching a line of Eau de Voyage. Later they switched to the manufacturing of suitcases. Then they added clothing, shoes, watches and jewelry, and about toilet water somehow forgotten.

Why triumphant return was chosen so the original flavor, not reported. Maybe so everyone has the opportunity to touch the life of luxury. It’s a start. Now waiting for the shower gel with the scent of caviar and soap with the smell of a brand new Ferrari.

By the way, the network is already being sold the spirits for fans of the game Pokemon Go. According to the creators of the fragrance, pokemony should smell like vanilla and musk and flowers of orange. Costs 200-ml bottle of perfume with Pikachu on the label is quite inexpensive – $ 12. According to sellers, from those who want to buy a perfume has no end.

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