Lou Ferrigno is suing ex-husband for alimony

Дана Борисова судится с бывшим мужем из-за алиментов According to the presenter, Maksim Aksenov has filed a lawsuit in late October. Dana Borisova ready for a long process with ex-husband and father of her daughter Polina. Fans of celebrities are very critical attitude to act businessman.
Дана Борисова судится с бывшим мужем из-за алиментов

Former common-law spouse Dana Borisova, Maxim Aksenov sued her in court. A man needs alimony to support the General’s daughter Pauline, who lives with him. About the TV presenter said in his microblog. According to This, it is not forbidden to communicate with the child. The star also added that spent the entire Sunday together with Pauline. “We have it all right,” said the blonde.

In connection with litigation Borisova will have substantial financial costs. Why Dana decided to focus on paid placement of publications in social networks. The TV presenter has also denied the rumors that she allows herself to cheat advertisers.

Дана Борисова судится с бывшим мужем из-за алиментов“Some dishonest people disseminate information in Instagram that I take sponsored posts and do not keep promises. That’s not true, this happened only with unscrupulous advertisers. I perform all of the obligations on advertising,” shared the star.

One of podeschi This expressed doubt in the words of the stars. “Easy to judge when information takes only one person. And all believe…” she said. In turn, Borisov said that shares facts.

“He filed for child support. A man a woman who only stands up, it’s not a man”, – said the presenter.

“StarHit” contacted The lawyer Alexei Stepanov, who revealed details of her lawsuit with Maxim Aksenov. “The former civil husband can claim alimony, and the father of a minor child, acting in his interests, can claim to alimony in favor of the daughter”, – said the representative Borisova.

According to the lawyer, the court already issued a verdict of Barysau have to pay the Trustee Pauline a quarter of their monthly income. However, the star does not agree with that decision and intends to challenge it. The lawyer of the TV presenter is already engaged in registration of necessary documents.

“Dana A. fulfills its obligation to pay child support. We thought that was peacefully resolved this matter and fulfilled the agreement. Earlier, when Pauline lived with her mother, from the Maxim Aksenov was collected the alimony in favour of the child. It happened in 2010. He started to pay after enforcement proceedings were instituted, have not been paid for three years. When Dana was in treatment, and between them there was a verbal agreement that Maxim will bear the responsibilities for maintenance of the daughter. He brought Polina to communicate, Dana gave her expensive gifts. It is not devoid of rights and not limited, as well as sane and competent,” – said Stepanov.

Lawyer Borisova added that they accidentally found out about the court decision. Representatives of Maxim Aksenov has filed a lawsuit, not putting a TV presenter in popularity. “They did this behind her back,” – said Stepanov.

At the moment, about Pauline does father. Stepanov also noted that the presenter has no plans to sue to change the policies of the child.

“Dana A. will make every effort to have the daughter lived with her, but these powers are not judicial in nature. The child himself must Express the desire to live with mother,” said the lawyer.

Recall that Dana Borisova recently returned from Thailand to Moscow. The star has hinted that he has passed a rehabilitation course abroad. According to This, she begins a new stage and full of plans for the future. The blonde slowly returning to everyday Affairs. Now Borisov lives in the apartment located near the metro station “Begovaya”. TV presenter Andrey Malakhov helped Dane with a lease of real property, paying for it for two months.

According to the court, the daughter Borisova lives with his father Maxim Aksenov. When the girl was in the mother, the journalists wrote that the former civil husband of Kim refuses to pay her alimony. The blonde repeatedly complained about the behavior of a businessman. In the spring of this year, Borisov reported that she managed to find a common language with Aksenov.