Lou Ferrigno found solace in the arms of a new man

Дана Борисова нашла утешение в объятиях нового мужчины At the end of April it became known that TV presenter filed for divorce from her husband Andrey Troshchenko. The couples marriage lasted about six months. Recently the star admitted that there is a man who is not indifferent to her. It supports Borisov after breaking up with her lover.

      Дана Борисова нашла утешение в объятиях нового мужчины

      Dana Borisova decided to break off relations with spouse Andrey Troshchenko at the end of April. She announced to fans on his page in the social network. Star began a divorce via a magistrate alone, as her husband did not appear to the Registrar that they were able together to settle the question. Dana did not discouraged, told a friend that she became more male attention after news of the breakup with Troshchenko. However, it turned out that not everything is so simple and rosy in life Borisova – TV presenter really suffers after a breakup.

      Dana Borisova celebrates upcoming divorce

      In difficult moments, Dana supports a strong male shoulder on which you can always rely on. According to journalists, Borisov is now preparing for a joint vacation with his friend. “There is a man who cares for me. I’m friends with him and communicate. He supports me,” – said the presenter in the broadcast of “You would not believe” the NTV channel.

      By the way, from relatives Given not waiting for support, and prefers not to talk with his mother. Ekaterina Borisova went to the Crimea and knows nothing about the suffering faced by her daughter.

      Дана Борисова нашла утешение в объятиях нового мужчины

      Despite the difficulties in the personal life of TV presenter, she continues to attend social events.

      “Try to keep a stiff upper lip, not to cry and to smile. But in the depths of the soul of a cat scratching. At night I was crying into the pillow… then Andrew said I wasn’t coming. I do not impose on him their fellowship. Well, something is probably wrong in me,” – does not hide his state of Borisov.

      Recall that Given a few months could not settle the differences with her ex-husband Andrew. In February the star with her daughter Pauline vacationing in the Maldives, Troshchenko Packed up, took the Mercedes his wife and left. On arrival in Russia, the TV presenter told the police about the missing car, but soon took him. However, since March 9, the couple do not communicate. It is this combination of circumstances prompted Dana make the decision to rasstojanii marriage.

      Borisova, a daughter Pauline, who was born from the civil husband of the star of Maxim Aksenov. Girl goes to prestigious school and various clubs, so it takes a lot of money on her Hobbies. However, Dana is trying to give the baby enough time to Polina felt the love and concern in the family. To provide free daughter with all the necessary, well-known blonde works two jobs. At the moment Borisov is not only broadcasts but also working as the PR Director of a Metropolitan medical center.

      Дана Борисова нашла утешение в объятиях нового мужчины

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