Lou Ferrigno celebrates his victory over ex-husband

Дана Борисова празднует победу над бывшим мужем The presenter announced the decision of the magistrate. In the words of Dana Borisova, and she was able to defend his point of view in the conflict with the ex-spouse of Maxim Aksenov. The man demanded that the celebrity has transferred money for the maintenance of General daughter Polina.

In late November, TV presenter Dana Borisova announced that the former common-law husband Maxim Aksenov asked the alimony on the maintenance of General daughter Polina. Star was extremely surprised by the act of the businessman. Dana believed that had settled the matter in a peaceful manner.

On Monday, Borisov appealed to the public to tell the good news. According to celebrity, she was able to defend his innocence in court. Says Dana, now she is not obliged to pay the alimony to the former husband.

“Good morning, my dear! And here is our first victory. The magistrate 178th judicial district in the Ramenki district overturned the court order on collecting from me alimony for the daughter, Pauline, for the reason that I and so they are willing to pay. A huge thank you to my lawyer and all of you for the love and support,” wrote TV presenter in Instagram.

The blonde also reported that it intends to become the guest of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Shooting with This will be held on Tuesday. According to star, she’s already chosen an outfit for the appearance in the talk show. Borisov will be brought to viewers in dress gray. A celebrity is going to complement your look with high heels.

Fans have supported Dan in the comments to the publication. “See all the transfer, good luck”, “What’s the good news,” “This is already a victory,” “Cheers, and yet justice exists”, “Congratulations”, “We believe in you”, “I Wish to put this right”, “it had to be. Look flawlessly,” commented social media users.

Last weekend Borisov met with the daughter Polina. “From now on, Saturday is my favorite day of the week,” said star. She also said that went with a child in a Spa. According to the presenter, Pauline did not want to put their lives on display and refused to be photographed. Next week, Dana is planning to go with the heir to the bookstore to purchase glasses on the advice of the optometrist and see a film at the cinema.

At the same time, the ex-husband Dana Borisova accused her of lack of interest in his own daughter. Speaking to reporters, Maxim Aksenov said that the TV presenter allegedly not eager to see Pauline and her need to constantly be tempting to meet with the child. According to the businessman, former civil wife performs regularly with unjust accusations against him. Aksyonov made clear that he intends to defend their own point of view in disputes with Borisova. Ex-husband Dana Borisova rebuked her for wanting to capitalize on the scandal with the daughter