Lost their hands teen from Barnaul helped to survive 48 children

Лишившийся рук подросток из Барнаула помог выжить 48 детям Funds raised for Yaroslav, was also aimed at supporting children with various diseases. The teenager is preparing for the surgery, which is scheduled for winter this year in Germany. The guy hopes that by the New year he is going to get prosthetic limbs.
Лишившийся рук подросток из Барнаула помог выжить 48 детям

“Yaroslav I need an ambulance…” – heard in the tube Oksana Shishova. Calling the ambulance, she ran out of the house. The caller saw the boy, and near unconscious under a tree, lay her son. “We were walking, I saw that the kitten cannot come out of the tree, began to explain to each of Sasha. – Yarik decided to save him, climbed on a metal pipe, handed over the animal to me. And accidentally touched the hands of the wire power lines and fell…”

No tears!

The night from 8 to 9 June this year she spent in tears behind the doors of intensive care. Yaroslav received the shock, his hands were burned, the doctors did everything to save them. The next morning mom was allowed to the child. “How did this happen?” the first thing he said.

“The son did not remember how fell six meters high – says Oksana “StarHit”. – Said, he lowered his eyes to the bandages. I tried to reassure him that everything will be fine, burns fine. Just need to be patient to heal. And most importantly, keep arms straight”.
Лишившийся рук подросток из Барнаула помог выжить 48 детям

Next week mother Oksana, dad Nicholas and elder brother Igor did not depart from the victim, helped to wash, have tried to turn the conversation, before going to sleep surrounded by pillows, because sleeping Yaroslav had actually browsing.

“We had fighting spirit, even the amputation of the question – continues Oksana. – Yaroslav moved his fingers… But after a week started bleeding, he tied off the radial artery. I asked the head office what this means, he explained, which is tissue death. The next morning Yaroslav began to turn blue left hand. After several examinations the doctors put a terrible verdict: gangrene, the limb must be amputated.”

“These words I have inside, everything went cold, – says Oksana. – Didn’t know how to tell my son. Barely pick out the words, trying to reassure, saying that people live and with one hand…”
Лишившийся рук подросток из Барнаула помог выжить 48 детям

The next day after surgery Jaroslav woke up and saw that the right hand is also blue. “The son looked at me with pleading eyes and said, “Mom, it will be the same?”, I didn’t know what to say – confessed Oksana. – Tried to calm her down: “you! This will rescue!” But after a week took and the second brush. Yarik did not temper tantrums, shouted: say, why me? I didn’t see his tears. Only came up with bandages, his face in the pillow and just lay there for a few hours.”

Act for the benefit of

To care for Yaroslav, Oksana had to leave the job of a lawyer. Together with her son she spent in the burn from the division two months. Once called her countrywoman Irina Palomino, four years ago, her 12-year-old daughter Alice lost a leg in the accident.

“The family was in despair, says Shishova. Friends advised them to go to Respond. Ira did a charity has helped to raise the necessary funds. In a German clinic “NOVALIS” Alice made a bionic prosthesis, it is virtually indistinguishable from the “live” legs. Girl is wearing a skirt and dancing! I contacted the clinic, where he said that the prosthetic hand would cost us 5.2 million roubles – at me already hair on his head began to move: for our family it is an astronomical sum. Three days later I got a call from Rusfond and said that Yaroslav was the chosen hero of the movie, which will show on “the First channel” with an appeal not to remain indifferent. Straight to the hospital photographer came with the operator, and soon our mountain knew the whole country. During the day, for the son has collected 38 million! I was crying from happiness… the money gave hope not only we, but also many children – filling out paperwork, I pointed out that collected in excess of the required amount of matter for treating other people in need. The remaining 32.8 million rubles helped 48 children with different diseases: deformation of the skull, injuries of the spine, acute leukemia”.

The mother and son will fly to Germany on 6 November, where they will spend a month, during this time, specialists will make all the necessary measurements for the manufacture of dentures. Jaroslav hopes that by the New year he will have new hands. And yet did not lose heart and goes to the gym to be in shape.

“I contacted the owners of the local club – Ekaterina Andrienko with her husband – and gave an annual subscription, – says Oksana. – Now once or twice a day for an hour and a half son has been with coach Andrey Veselkov, prepares the muscles for future prostheses. Twice a week he carries Yarik to school for meetings with teachers. Teachers give assignments, and he dictates the answers.

Free from school and sports time adolescents spend with friends, who often come to visit him. Despite the incident, Jaroslav hopeful for the future.

“Next year I have final exams, he shared his plans with “StarHit”. – I want to be a psychologist to work with people in crisis situations. I think I could explain to those who have none, to never give up, because I didn’t, though I have not. And one more thing: if not for the tragedy, I never would have learned how many good people. When was in the hospital with my mom contacted the head of the Moscow charitable Foundation Samson Soghoyan and Julia Vodolazhskaya and her colleagues from the Metropolitan Bank and Jan Portonova from Kaliningrad, which organized the children’s marathon to support our family. They really helped us – morally and financially. And now people come up to me on the street, writing encouraging comments in social networks. To be kind, to help others – the main thing in life. After the incident calms only one: I have done what is good, and this is important”.