Лишившаяся рук из-за ревности мужа Маргарита Грачева: «Боюсь, что он убьет меня» Last year, the family of the inhabitant of Serpukhov has fought a bloody tragedy. Husband of Margarita Gracheva Dimitri attacked her with an axe out of jealousy. The story of a young woman shocked the whole country. She is now recovering from the recent resonant events.
Лишившаяся рук из-за ревности мужа Маргарита Грачева: «Боюсь, что он убьет меня»

“Hold the phone?”asks mother Margarita. “No, I’m – responsible daughter. Help only press the phone to his ear…» «Good morning!”– hear a ringing cheerful voice. After these words, I can’t believe just over a month ago, on December 11, the girl survived the terrible – my husband took her to the woods, tied his hands with harness and about an hour of chopping the fingers of the hand. All the while she was conscious.

“You’re sleeping with him!»

Dima and Margaret met in College, after a year from the date of the meeting, he proposed. They had a wonderful family: a caring husband, a loving wife and adorable sons – five-year-old Dmitry and three-year-old Danny.

“We lived normally, – says the heroine with “StarHit”. Yeah, arguing with whom does not happen… But last winter, Dima suddenly changed. Stopped paying attention to me, not talking, the food is not touched, cooked separately… More than six months we have existed as strangers, and in October of 2017 I can’t take it anymore, just divorce. Filed and put the husband before the fact. At first he did not react, but when he realized that I was serious, got angry, began to shout that will not let go, tore my passport…
Лишившаяся рук из-за ревности мужа Маргарита Грачева: «Боюсь, что он убьет меня»

The flames added a case: a few days later at 10 PM a colleague sent me a text asking “are You home?”. I deleted the message – just in case that Dima was not seen and started questioning. But it turned out that he had read it and made a scene, saying that if erased, so there is something to hide! Shouted that I sleep with other men, beaten with hands and feet… two More weeks, we lived tense, and then he gathered his things and went to mom. Continued to communicate for the kids. The husband drove us with the boys in kindergarten, sometimes after a throw to me to work. On 10 November, he changed the route took me into the woods, in the car took out a knife put to his throat and threatened him, demanded to confess to cheating”.

The next day Rita appealed for help to the district, wrote a statement. Called her back only after three weeks. “I asked why so long – says the heroine. – Policeman replied: “It’s Russia…” And I offered to take the paper – say, make it up, all the pairs of lovers. I refused, then he certainly got in touch with my husband, called him in for an educational talk. In parallel, the husband started to follow me on a certain website looked on the cameras where I drive a car, waited near the entrance, threatened to pour acid. At his request I passed the lie detector, he wanted to know if I’m cheating on him. However, the results of the test are not reported…»

“Make me a cripple»

Rita with sons 13 Dec gathered in Kostroma – the older one had a birthday, and she wanted to show children Snowmaiden’s Palace. On the eve of Dmitry volunteered to help. “We took the boys to the garden, went to my mom’s for travel bag – recalls Margarita. I offered to put her in the trunk, but he said he threw in the back seat. After I realized the husband was afraid that I would see laying there, the axe and harnesses… We had to go to work for me, but he drove into the woods. There was pulled from the car, tightened the harnesses above the wrists. Took an axe and threw me to the stump. Started to cut, told me how I will live without hands. And then began to break and cut off my fingers, shred the brush. Saying: “you’ll never write messages to others! Don’t hug kids, and you loved to stroke them!”I begged to stop, but in vain.”

Dima tormented his wife an hour and a half, and then put me in a car and drove to the clinic. “The pain I was in a semiconscious state, but I heard that he said, “What’s the adrenaline!”–says Rita. – Finally, threatened: if will not be waiting for him from prison, when you come back, cut off the hands of relatives and will deal with me.”

Лишившаяся рук из-за ревности мужа Маргарита Грачева: «Боюсь, что он убьет меня»

Dmitry left his wife in the emergency room of the Hospital. Semashko in Serpukhov, and gave himself up to the police. After the terrible story of Dmitry on the scene left the group, which is found in the forest of severed hands and brought them to the hospital. Right were mutilated to such an extent that to save her failed, as the left, despite the 8 fractures, gave doctors hope. Doctors, who already form the injured limb contacted colleagues from Moscow and drove Margaret to the capital. Ten hours surgeons 71st hospital fought for the left hand… and won.

“The odds are that she’ll settle down, was negligible, but I was lucky, – says Rita. Knowing what happened, realize the worst thing that Dmitry all coolly calculated. After it became known about the incident, a former colleague of Dima remembered that in November dismissal, he dropped: “You will hear from me again”. He didn’t want me to die from blood loss, and aimed to make me a disabled person.”

“To live a new life»

Two days before January 1, Margarita was discharged. Together with his sons, she lives in my mom’s apartment. The boys don’t know what happened to them Rita supposedly had an accident and soon she will be the right hand of the robot, and dad’s not around because he abused my mother and now parents can’t live together.

“Left arm another year to develop, – says the heroine. Yet alone can’t do almost anything, even water to drink. But even when the end of the recovery period, 100% sensitivity is still not back: for example, will never be able to touch dvuhrublevuyu to distinguish the coin from the ruble. With regard to the right – presumably at the end of February for a month will go to Germany, where they will make measurements and start to make a bionic prosthesis. Thanks to everyone who wrote in social networks, offered to help my mom and brother and had her. Thanks to you we’ve gathered 6 million rubles for prosthetics and rehabilitation. However, it is still unknown how many will need to train your left hand. Yes, and dentures are short-lived, their life is about three years…»

Divorce took place on January 9, but Dmitri, even while in prison, does not leave ex-wife alone.

“Through mutual friends passed a note: “Please don’t do anything stupid. Please, wait for me! Never gonna let you go! Sorry!”–says Margarita. I’m afraid he will come and bring the matter to an end – you kill me. All family, friends and guests of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, which I recently was advised to move to another town. But it’s quite expensive… The main thing now is to recover the left hand. Another not think. Try not to save inside evil. I hope that someday Joe will understand what you’ve created… Although unlikely. For all the time I cried only once, just don’t see the point in tears, from the hand does not grow back. Used to live in new ways. The most important thing that a number of sons — now they are my main support…»

DETAILS FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO HELP RITA: Card numbers: Sberbank 4276 4000 2125 2581 VTB 5368 1534 2506 2900 sheykina Inna