Пропала принцесса Басма из Саудовской Аравии: в чем причина исчезновения

A few months ago, Western media started to respond from the field of view dramatically lost Princess of Saudi Arabia Basma Saud. The daughter of king Saud, 55-year-old Basma simply ceased to appear in public, to hold referendums and to cross the border of the country. Yesterday it became known that the woman is under house arrest and not allowed to leave the country in which is.

Most recently, she talked about the health problems, she had special treatment, which could pass in Switzerland. However, to leave the country for this purpose, it is also not allowed. The lawyer woman is a American Bennett Leonard. He recently gave an interview in which he admitted that for a long time she had not been in touch, not answered anywhere else, he even began to fear that she is no longer alive.

Recently Basma said Bennett, but nothing really said, her conversation was restrained and fast. Leonard concluded that a woman held hostage, and it’s very bad. To see her too.

Basma is one of the daughters of the former king of Saudi Arabia, who left his post in 1964. According to rumors the king had 115 children. Before the disappearance Basma openly advocated social freedom of people in Arabia, most of all, she promoted the topic of equality between women and men that are very not welcome in this country. She maintained close relationships with international defence organisations. The media think that it is because of such action, which all too quickly developed, the Princess took under house arrest. Now the woman is forced not to leave Arabia.

In an interview, she spoke about the incompleteness of the legal framework in Saudi Arabia. Basma said that the law of the land, if the person is three times one commits a theft, he is deprived of one hand. However, if the crime will make rich people, nothing for him it will not. The Princess hinted at corruption in the country.

Basma Saud received several degrees, she studied in the UK and Switzerland. Officially got married in 1988 and raised husband and five children. 12 years ago, her marriage failed and the couple decided to quietly divorce her. The cause is unknown, but the former couple mad at each other left.

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