Lost in translation: what mistakes were made by Peha and Rousseau, studying Russian

Трудности перевода: какие ошибки допускали Пьеха и Руссо, изучая русский Worldwide, today, February 21, celebrating the Day of native language. Celebrities remembered about the absurdity of the situations that fall, studying Russian. Russo tried to memorize a few words a day, and Peha learned how to apologize.
Трудности перевода: какие ошибки допускали Пьеха и Руссо, изучая русский

Abraham Russo

The artist in his youth he lived in Syria, France and in Lebanon. Came to Russia when he was already 30. In one of his speeches abroad, he said the businessman Telman Ismailov and invited to give concerts in Moscow restaurants. “Now this I already Express themselves in Russian, – shares with “StarHit” Abraham. – And then taught a few words a day, practiced constantly, always asking to correct me if wrong. And, of course, often been in history due to difficulties with understanding. They still happened to me. Wait somehow the courier who was supposed to bring me food from the cafe, explain: say, I’m on the corner where the visor. He is in my pronunciation of the word “Capricorn”. Once he called me back, second, can not find, though burst. In the end so worn out that unplugged the phone and left. So I was left without dinner.”


Трудности перевода: какие ошибки допускали Пьеха и Руссо, изучая русский

In the mid-50s Edita entered the philosophical faculty of Leningrad University. There, she thoroughly pulled knowledge of Russian.

“When just beginning to learn the language, often confused words – says “StarHit” Peha. I remember driving to meet my girlfriend in the tram. Standing, holding the handrail, and beside me a man. Suddenly, the transport stopped abruptly, and I fell on the stranger. Wanted to say “sorry” and burst enable. In addition to foot he came. He said nothing. Started again, I again swung in the direction of a neighbor, and once again his new shoes hurt. “Allow me, please”!” I said to myself.

Then he realized that I’m a foreigner. Reacted to my clumsiness calmly explained that incorrectly use words. We are all the way talked to him. Swing so hard that he almost drove your destination. “I’m sorry, but here I have to go!” proudly said I finally left.

Pierre Narcisse

Трудности перевода: какие ошибки допускали Пьеха и Руссо, изучая русский

The artist was born in Cameroon and moved to Moscow to his sister when he was 17. The finest hour of the young singer became involved in the second “star Factory”. But, even after living in Russia for many years, he never mastered the language perfectly. “I remember at a concert in Sochi, I was asked to replace a lead – says the “StarHit” Pierre Nartsiss. Was sold out, there was Philip, Max Fadeev, Igor Matvienko. When we read the script with partner Alexey Semenov, I told him that I wanted to say, and I wrote it in Russian on a piece of paper. Everything was going well. And here I had to introduce Elena Terleeva. I wanted to say that she has perfect hearing. But instead of “hearing” said “whores”. Hall was just lying, but all reacted to my mistake with understanding.”

Agne Will Crudite

The star of the movie “the Crew” was born in Lithuania, however, work a frequent guest in Russia. “Once there was a very awkward situation on set – says “StarHit” Agne.

In some moments the Director sends instructions by radio. I so do not always understand what you want from me, and then even more so. In General, given the team that in 5 minutes, finish the break and go into the frame. I decided that the change was completed. I removed the makeup, changed clothes, poured a Cup of tea, sit, relax… Suddenly flies ruffled by the administrator. It turns out that 20 minutes have searching for. Fortunately, colleagues were not fighting”.