Lost in space: the best film of Yuri Gagarin

Затерянный в космосе: лучшие кинообразы Юрия Гагарина To 55-year anniversary of the first manned flight into space readers “Stargate” has made a rating of films, where actors played by Yuri Gagarin.

      Затерянный в космосе: лучшие кинообразы Юрия Гагарина

      1 place

      Anatol Chelombitko

      “The taming of the fire”, 1972

      The film tells about the history of space exploration in the USSR: from test-firings of home-made rockets to the first man’s exit into space. Working in this area were classified, so their names changed in the film. Sergei Korolev figures as Andrei Bashkirtsev. The name of Gagarin is also not sound, but on the screen it appears. Shows and launching rockets. In this scene filmed is not a professional actor, and the military from the cosmodrome “Baikonur”.

      Затерянный в космосе: лучшие кинообразы Юрия Гагарина

      – We with Yury Alekseevich similar, I was told often, – says Anatoly Chelombitko. – The fate of several times we drove. First – April 14, 1961, the day the whole of Moscow met the first cosmonaut, when he was driving from Vnukovo to the Kremlin. I was in the crowd on Leninsky Prospekt. Then he came to us in the Military-engineering Academy and met with students. A talk happened in 1965 on the reception in the Kremlin, where they invited us, the graduates of military academies. My wife and I even got his autograph, which is preserved to this day. Then I told him: “Yuri, your glory affects me because people think I look like you”. He politely and jokingly replied: “we will share the glory”. And this opportunity was really presented! After the Academy I got to “Baikonur” was held there for the service. And when we arrived the film crew, oversaw it. The Director asked me to participate in the episode of launch, of course, I agreed. I was dressed in a suit, and I’m under the strains of the March passed through the concrete to the rocket. After the film my friends as “our Gagarin” is not called.

      2nd place

      Dmitry Mulyar

      “Dreaming of space”, 2005

      Затерянный в космосе: лучшие кинообразы Юрия Гагарина

      In the film, which takes place shortly before the first manned flight into space, Gagarin appears at the very end: his, the young officer, accidentally meets on the train the main character.

      – Before filming, I watched chronicle with Yuri Alekseevich, listened to the recording, – says Dmitry Mulyar. – Noticed that he had unusual speech, “p” grassiruyuschey a little bit. But we haven’t used it in the film. If it was entirely about Gagarin, and then it’s not the point… Noticed that it was a kind of internal glow. This film conveys, it is visible mutual love to people and people to it, this universal joy. By the way, on the set the entire crowd was on the train, I was impressed. For some reason all have been assured that I’m a real military, they were interested in as a service. Maybe it was in the shape?

      3rd place

      Oleg Orlov

      “Thus began the legend of”, 1976

      Затерянный в космосе: лучшие кинообразы Юрия Гагарина

      The film tells about the childhood of astronaut, which had in wartime.

      – Assistant Director avoided a huge number of schools in search of the boy, like a little Gagarin, – says Oleg Orlov. – And when already almost lost hope, got to our – 288th, where he selected a few guys, including me. Generally on the role have been viewed nearly 30 thousand people, then spoke. I claimed mom Yuri Alekseyevich – Anna Timofeyevna and cosmonaut Alexei Leonov. Remember, seeing me, she stared and started to cry, hugged her… “Here’s the question and solved,” the Director said. Preparing for the role was not necessary, it’s too loud sounds for 10-year-old boy, but I came under the influence of a Director who was obsessed with the personality and charm of Yuri Alekseevich. Vivid memories of the trial and the preparation for filming, which lasted about eight months. For example, one day the Director asked me to take off your shoes and socks and show feet. I was stubborn and refused. Long persuasion did not help. Was designed to help the assistant Director, costumer, lighting. Fought with me for four hours. Useless. The issue was solved only after a few days by my mother who explained to what purpose request to see if I have any flaws on the leg, as the movie was meant episodes where I had to play barefoot. What most struck in the fate of Yuri Alekseyevich? Perhaps the fact that it did not protect after the flight. Although I know that it was hard to do, he really wanted to fly… After this film I have acted in films, but to enter the actor did not, went to Polytechnic. By the way, now linked with the cosmos, working at the research Institute.

      4 place

      Yaroslav Zhalnin

      “Gagarin. First in space”, 2013

      Затерянный в космосе: лучшие кинообразы Юрия Гагарина

      The first film is a biography of Gagarin, who agreed in his family.

      – I had the opportunity to review the documents from the closed archives, – says Yaroslav Zhalnin. – Most struck by the words that Yuri Alekseevich wrote to his wife two days before space flight. In fact, it’s a suicide note, but was declassified and handed over to her spouse only in 1968 after his death. In it he said that our fate is accidental, and the person can die from that slip on the street. And he’s got such an honor… space Theme from life after a shooting left. Often in Star city, make friends with a large number of astronauts, they joke: “we Give you something to really roll!”

      5th place

      Vitaly Ursu

      “Space race”, 2005

      Затерянный в космосе: лучшие кинообразы Юрия Гагарина

      Art documentary a film co-production Russia, England, Germany and the US behind the scenes of the space race. In the midst of the cold war, a former Nazi Werner von Braun, working for the Americans, and the Soviet designer Sergei Korolev are working on space exploration. By Gagarin role looking for a long time, and chose accidentally stumbled on the photo of the Moldavian actor Vitaly Ursu. – Before filming, I went through miles of archival film stock, but too much to learn about the life of this man was afraid. Didn’t want the image of a character consisted of stamps. – says Vitaly. – I myself at the age of 16 had to… fly. The truth is the truth! I fell from the fifth floor, but escaped with a broken leg. Alexei Leonov believes that I am very similar to Yuri Alekseyevich. Even gave me his photograph in which he wrote: “Yuri Gagarin. 27.03.2006”.

      6 place

      Valentin Kuznetsov

      “Paper soldier”, 2008

      Затерянный в космосе: лучшие кинообразы Юрия Гагарина

      In the film by Alexei German Jr. talking about the preparations for the first manned flight into space.

      – We did not aim to show Yuri Alekseyevich, we know from the official timeline, the order bearer, – says Valentin Kuznetsov. – It was important that Gagarin appeared a simple guy, doubting that he was actually, without pathos. Told me that my German was at once offered, but he rejected. Then followed six months of searching, and then he pointed to my photo: “Here’s a good kid!” He said I was in the number of candidates from day one. Do me to know? No, the film wasn’t a commercial, its not all seen, despite the fact that he took the prize at the Venice film festival. Now and again I play the role of Gagarin in the apartment “the first Time” (film about the cosmonaut Alexei Leonov and Pavel Belyaev Evgeny Mironov and Konstantin Khabensky in the main roles until was released. – Approx. “StarHit”). There Yuri Alexeyevich already famous, and here begins the tragedy – it was not released into space, and he worries about it…

      7 place

      Alexei Bogachuk

      “Home”, 2015

      The film tells about the life of Sergei Korolev, Gagarin with which was associated not only work, but also a close friendship.

      – At my house there was a bust of Gagarin, and as a child I wanted to be an astronaut – says Alexey Bogachuk. – Dream came true that way. Preparing for the role, has reviewed and listened to all that I have found on the Internet. Found even two-hour pre-flight recording. Touched that RA-othe consisted of Lily of the valley, to keep him quiet. Most Yuri Alekseyevich I liked his openness. In a time when it was impossible extra words to say, it is amazingly out of any situation. Especially when the foreigners asked the tough questions. For example, recalled how once he asked: “Gagarin because of the noble name?” And he said the following about this: “These frivolous people don’t know about me. Answered I was from a simple peasant family.”

      It was necessary to find such words as “frivolous people”, when it comes to something like “idiots”. And he was covered in it. And from the shooting, of course, the most memorable were “Baikonur”. It was interesting to attend the launch of No. 1, in the house of Gagarin, where they with Herman Titov was before the flight, in the Museum. By the way, we were shooting in this capsule, however, not Gagarin, and in ereskovsky.

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