Lost his nerve: Vitorgan losing his mind due to childbirth Sobchak

Сдали нервы: Виторган сходит с ума из-за родов Собчак

Actor the second day can not be determined by who gave birth to his wife.

Just recently Ksenia Sobchak needs to be a mom. Of course, the interest of journalists and citizens to lead and her husband is now elevated. And it looks like Sobchak to cope with information attacks without problems, but her husband apparently lost his nerve. Maxim Vitorgan two days twice announced that his wife gave birth.

It is clear that Maxim got issues and he just could not resist, and took and wrote in instagram that She gave birth to a daughter.

“Secretly gave birth to, was named Anna in honor of Oleg, the one in a half-hour grew up and choked the mother through chest inside out entirely. Sitting waiting for VEGACAL. Will sculpt a new mom. Would quickly, and Anna tomorrow morning in the army already, and I’m afraid to stay at home! Push, honey, push! Oh, damn, I’m banned “Instagram”!” – said Maxim.

And, by the way, was right, the publication was blocked. But probably not because of the content, but because of the photo. Your post, the actor was accompanied by a picture of a bloody child in the bathroom…

Members noted that the humor in Maxim very specific.

“Yeah… I would write my husband is, I would be offended,” “This is he of prenatal fever has begun… Hang on, max! Everything will be fine! But photos of such people better not to scare…” – wrote the girl.

When the administration blocked the post, Vitorgan became angry and burst into a new tirade that robots took over the human brain and it is now impossible to make a joke, and then regained its first publication.

But the matter is not over. A little later, the actor said that Xenia gave birth to a son. It happened at the premiere of “the Queen of Spades”. First Vitorgan was there alone, and, of course, he was surrounded by journalists, which he gave that boy called Anton. A little later came still pregnant Sobchak.

Maxim can only sympathize. The actor is clearly going crazy because of the upcoming birth of Xenia and insanely worried.