Лишившийся волос Бандерас появился с любимой на мероприятии в Испании
Antonio hides his bald head under a baseball cap.

Antonio Banderas and Nicole Kimpel


Appearing recently at a charity
the event in Malaga (Spain), 57-year-old Antonio Banderas was elegant — in a fine
sitting on it a black suit, white shirt and tie. However, that
a bit puzzled those present at the event, his head was wearing when
normal baseball cap. She strongly distracting from the style worn by the actor
moreover, next to him was dressed very smart, his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel,
whom he meets for more than two years, ever since he divorced
his second wife Melanie Griffith.

And just looking more closely now, guests
activities understand why Antonio actually took the headdress in such
warm weather. Since the cap is not completely covered whiskey and the lower part
the nape of Banderas, it became clear that the head Antonio – totally bald!

However, as it turned out, Banderas lost
their hair is not forever. He had to shave bald for the role. He went on
such a radical step for the opportunity to play this great artist Pablo
Picasso in the television series “the Genius”. Although the actor can not complain about the lack of work this year on the screens out as many as 5 films with his participation, he could not refuse such a racy role.

Incidentally, attended the event in Spain noted with satisfaction,
if you don’t count the missing hair, the actor looked very good –
much better than earlier in the year when he suffered a heart attack and doctors
had to get him to surgery, by inserting his three vessels of the stent.