Lost form Ben Aflleck may lose as Batman

Потерявший форму Бен Афллек может лишиться роли Бэтмена
Binge drinking can cost the actor his career.

Потерявший форму Бен Афллек может лишиться роли Бэтмена



Friends Ben Affleck concerned about his condition: the actor, who at the beginning of 2017 completed a course
treatment for alcoholism, this summer, started drinking again. According to rumors, his
the crucial role played in this by his girlfriend Lindsay Chukas, from which it leaves, then again it returns. After all, Lindsay is not
the biggest teetotaller and gives him a bad example. Although currently, Affleck again
to be treated, looks like Ben still doesn’t matter. He got fat and his face
looks bloated. In short, he’s not too similar to the superhero
Of Batman in a suit of armor which he will wear in the foreseeable future. And
if you consider that the last film about Batman with his participation did not cause much excitement neither
the audience nor the critics, Ben has a chance to lose a role which he so

Incidentally, in Hollywood already, there are persistent rumors about
that Affleck can replace. After working
on a project — a film “The
Batman” — just started, so the filmmakers still have time before the start of filming,
to reflect on the candidacy of actor for the lead role. Reportedly,
Matt Reeves approved for the position of Director, while not involving excessive
attention, audition. The most likely candidate for replacement is considered Affleck an
Jon Hamm, star of TV series “Mad men”. And John expressed their hot
interest in the project.

It is curious that in the past Hamm also had problems with
alcohol that ruined his relationship with his girlfriend Jennifer Westfield with which
he lived for 18 years… However, going into 2015, the course of treatment, the actor has done
with their addiction. Allegedly, there is another contender for the role of Batman
– we are talking about Jake Gyllenhall, which candidate also consider
the creators of the film. However, his chances are estimated much lower than Hamm.